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Qin Empire(HD)

It was a time that all ambitious forces struggling for power and a fighting world that mountains and rivers change in transcience.

Entangling Love in Shanghai(HD)

In 1941, the mainland China was torn by war and Shanghai was fallen into enemy’s occupation.

Yoga (HD)

This is a program on physical fitness made by the CCTV Hhigh-Definition Channel in more than two years.

Panda Couple(HD)

This documentary talks about two pandas “Tuan Tuan” and “Yuan Yuan” who are living in the Wo Long protection area

The King of Silk (HD)

King of Silk is set in the background of the unique pongee silk weaving in Nanyang, Henan province.

The Summer Palace (HD)

The Summer Palace was formerly known as the Qingyi Garden during Emperor Qianlong's reign.

The Art of Dunhuang (HD)

Dunhuang is another masterpiece made by CCTV following the "Forbidden City".

Great Porcelain Merchant(HD)

This drama is telling a story of China’s porcelain: the culture in the porcelain, the people’s life in the porcelain,

The Queens(HD)

The Queens takes place from 72 B.C. to 7 B.C. during the West Han Dynasty.

Family of Tea Trading(HD)

Family of Tea Trading is a story of Late Qing and Early Republic when the politics and society change so much.

National Day Military Parade & Mass Pageant Celebrations

Live full HD filming, to restore the every detail of the parade. Top-class equipments create a audio and video feast.

Stage of Youth(HD)

Xia Lei is a sunny boy who loves dancing very much. However, his father, a former top-ranking professional archer,

The Forbidden City (HD)

The Forbidden City is in the center of Beijing. As the royal palace of 24 Chinese emperors of Ming and Qing dynasty.

The Fairyland of China(HD)

The Fairyland of China will show you the beauty of China.