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Helping Each Other and Working Hand in Hand: Belt and Road Media Community Members Support China's Efforts in Fighting the Epidemic

2020-02-24 19:27

The developments in the novel coronavirus outbreak in China are under the spotlight of the international community. At this critical moment in the fight against the epidemic, members of the Belt and Road Media Community (BRMC) have sent letters expressing their condolences and support to China Media Group and its president Shen Haixiong. So far, we have received letters and videos from 24 BRMC members and partners from 18 countries and regions, including Germany, Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Indonesia.

Javad Mottaghi, vice chairman of the BRMC Council and secretary general of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union – the world's largest broadcasting union – spoke highly of China Media Group’s efforts to provide timely and accurate information for Chinese and international audiences. His letter also mentioned that China’s government has shown extraordinary leadership, and that the Chinese people have shown their determination to win the battle to control the epidemic. The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union will always stand with the Chinese people.

Abdelrahim Suleiman, vice chairman of the BRMC Council and secretary general of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, a professional media unit affiliated with the League of Arab States, said that all of the staff at China Media Group have covered the facts with authentic and detailed reports, helping the country to get through the crisis and playing an outstanding role in improving the awareness of people in China and abroad about epidemic prevention work. He expressed support for China Media Group’s efforts during this major event to enhance the sense of responsibility among the media. 1

A video of condolence from Abdelrahim Suleiman, secretary general of the Arab States Broadcasting Union.

Michael Radtke, director of the BRMC Council and general manager of the TV Alliance Group, said that the measures taken by China’s government to control the epidemic are exemplary, and that many members of the European media also think highly of its efforts. Julio Villagran, director of the BRMC Council and director of Canal TVX, said that he would work with China to spread positive messages of encouragement for the country and, as always, will support the Chinese people to overcome their difficulties. Mr. Simon Robinson, director of the BRMC Council and global CFO and president of Discovery Asia-Pacific, said in his letter that in the face of the epidemic, China Media Group has reported the latest developments and relevant data about the epidemic in a timely and effective way, fully demonstrating the effective prevention and control measures taken by China’s government, and demonstrating the confidence of the Chinese people in their fight against the epidemic and the attitude of China towards active participation in international cooperation. Keith LeGoy, president of Sony Pictures, expressed his sincere condolences to the Chinese people, especially to the citizens of Wuhan in Hubei Province, who are heavily impacted by the epidemic, and to the journalists of China Media Group who are fighting hard at the front line of the epidemic.


A video of condolence from Julio Villagran, director of Canal TVX


A video of condolence from Mr. Francesco Palumbo, director of tourism for Tuscany, Italy

On February 8, the Arniko Society, a member of the BRMC, organized an activity in Kathmandu, Nepal, in support of Wuhan, China. The society hoped that the Chinese people can overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, and expressed the good wishes of the Nepalese people to China, and their firm confidence that China will claim victory over the epidemic.


The Arniko Society activity in Kathmandu in support of Wuhan, China, and wishing the Chinese people an early victory over the epidemic

In addition, many international partners of the “China Hour” program operated by China International Television Corporation (“CITVC”), such as Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), TV2 Mongolia, Sierra Leone ITV, South Africa Soweto TV, and China Arab TV (CATV), have reported on the reality of China's fight against the epidemic, letting the international community know the decisive measures that have been taken and the positive progress made by China’s government


Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) reporting the reality of China's fight against the epidemic


TV2 Mongolia reporting the reality of China's fight against the epidemic

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The sincere condolences and vigorous support from BRMC members convey warmth and strength, and express the blessings from the international community to China. Through united efforts, the Chinese people will be able to overcome the epidemic. China Media Group and CITVC are willing to consistently cooperate with members and partners of the BRMC on mutual cooperation, joint innovation, opportunity sharing, and win-win development, and to work together towards building a community with a shared future for humanity.