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Arabic-dubbed Wonderful Life Broadcasting in Tunisia State Television

2019-06-25 10:02

On 18 June, 2019, Arabic-dubbed teleplay Wonderful Life dubbed by China International Television Corporation (CITVC), and jointly promoted by CITVC and CGTN Arabic was broadcasted on the prime time (19:10, local time) of Tunisia State Television Channel One.1

2019 has witnessed the 55th anniversary of establishing China-Tunisia diplomatic relations. In order to celebrate the new level of the diplomatic friendship between the two nations, CITVC will organize a series of promotion activities, such as China Pavilion, “A&V China - Inside Arab” Chinese Film and Television Promotion Conference, China Media Group Program Promotion Conference, audience meeting of “A&V China - Inside Arab” Teleplay Wonderful Life, etc. during the 20th Arab Radio and TV Festival held by Tunisia. Broadcasting Wonderful Life in Tunisia State Television marks the climax of “China Film & Television Program Joint Exhibition” as one of the promotion activities, which will build up the momentum for the 20th Arab Radio and TV Festival, and also will unfold a new chapter for the friendly exchanges between the two peoples.


Before then, Arabic-dubbed Wonderful Life has been continuously broadcasted an episode per day by Lebanese State Television on 10 June, 2019.


Wonderful Life was produced by Zhejiang Tianyi Film and Television Co., Ltd., its Arabic-dubbed version being broadcasted on the CGTN Arabic on 1 January 2019.