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Chinese animation films debuting on Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019

2019-06-20 10:31

On 11 June (local time), Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019 was kicked off in Annecy France. Being a globally-recognized benchmark in the animation film industry, Annecy International Animation Film Festival is one of the world’s most professional animation film festivals with the largest scale, the highest standard and the most animation professionals.


The Program Agency Department of China International Television Corporation (CITVC) built the China Pavilion to exhibit the animation films.from 14 Chinese companies such as CITVC, CCTV Animation Co., Ltd., Beijing Animation & Game Industry Alliance, Zhejiang Blue Star Media Co., Ltd., China Literature Limited, etc.

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Moreover, “China Media Group Promotion Conference” hosted by China Media Group and organized by CITVC was successfully held on 12 June (local time), for the purpose of exhibiting and promoting the excellent animation films produced and distributed by China Media Group, publicizing the CITVC’s latest outcomes in overseas localization program time and channel operation, and expanding its overseas influence. China Media Group Promotion Conference  exhibited the animation films concerning parent-child, history, nature and other themes, including “Panda+” series classic IP, Legend of the Silk Road - The Great Chart, Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix, P.King Duckling, etc., which showed the broadness and profoundness of Chinese culture with their perfect workmanships and positive contents.

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On 13 June, “Chinese Excellent Animation Film Promotion Conference” and “China Animation International Cooperation Forum” hosted by The State Council Information Office and National Radio and Television Administration, organized by CITVC were also held during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019. Chinese Excellent Animation Film Promotion Conference promoted the well-selected animation films representing new development, new level, and unique “Chinese Style” characteristics of Chinese animation films, through which overseas audiences listened to the “Chinese stories” via videos to know well about Chinese history and the status quo of Chinese animation films. On the Chinese Animation International Cooperation Forum, Chinese and foreign guests jointly discussed various problems in international co-production process, for the purpose of providing inspirations for global animation professionals and sharing cooperation experiences, building a cooperation platform and a communication bridge, creating animation film masterpieces with Chinese style and international quality, and realizing cross-border win-win cooperation.

Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019 has attracted more than 11,000 animation professionals across nearly 90 countries and regions. 490 out of more than 820 companies were program buyers, distributors and investors.