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The Advisors Alliance on Show in Japan

2019-04-17 16:35

Nowadays, the costume TV play the Advisors Alliance (Japanese title: Story of Three Kingdoms, Sima Yi, Advisors Alliance), released by China International Television Corporation, CITVC, is now on show in WOWOW, the first paid satellite TV channel in Japan. Two parts of the Japanese version is played on each Saturday.1

This TV play reveals the legendary life of Sima Yi and shows the magnificent era of post-Three Kingdoms of heroes. The young Sima Yi, though reluctant, was given an official title by Cao Cao. However, he was involved in Cao Family’s internal strife for the inheritor of Cao Cao. He helped Cao Pi become the First Emperor. He understood Zhuge Liang quite well, just as Zhuge Liang perceived him. In his elderly age, he lived with burden and terminated the internal strife in Wei Kingdom. In his life, Sima Yi made brilliant contributions to his nation and people. At the same time, he also showed skills in the brutal struggles and competitions, either open or secret. Thanks to his smartness and brave deeds, he helped lay the foundation for terminating the era of chaos.

Three Kingdoms is the topic of the Chinese history most familiar to and favored by the Japanese audience. That’s why the TV play has gained great praise from the Japanese fans.