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How is The 1.5-year Old Cooperation Body Developed Based on “Going Abroad”?

2019-04-10 14:45

To give full play to the advantages of group operation and “Clustered Going Abroad”and accelerate the “Going Global” pace of Chinese films and televisions, the cooperation body of import and export enterprise of film and television culture established for more than one year has opened a new way for Chinese film and television culture’s “going global”.

Since the Establishment of November 2017, the cooperation body is composed of 58 film and television enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “Cooperation Body”) covering excellent representatives in the field of news, film, televisions, cartoon and documentary films, which indicates to some extent that the international communication of China’s films and televisions has already entered into the stage of resource integration and clustered going abroad.

What are the specific achievements and experience of the cooperation body that has been established for more than one year now? And how to further play its role in the promotion of film and television culture?

At the afternoon of March 27, the standing director unit forum of cooperation body of import and export enterprise for film and television culture was held in Beijing. Ling Li, the Deputy Director General of External Promotion Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ma Li, the head of International Cooperation Department of National Radio and Television Administration, Zhou Jihong, the Deputy Head of International Cooperation Department of National Radio and Television Administration, Yang Zheng, the Deputy Head of TV play Department of International Cooperation Department of National Radio and Television Administration, Xue Jujun, the member of CCTV sub-party group of Central Radio and Television Station, the secretary of the party committee of China International Television Corporation, Chairman and CEO as well as representatives from the standing council of cooperation body had participated in the forum.


“Last year, the cooperation body has finished a lot of fruitful work in terms of import and export of film and television programs, participation of international film and television exhibition, external exchange, organization of propagandizing and popularizing and striving for preferential policy, to practically accelerate the step of “going abroad” of Chinese film and television, give full expression to the advantages in group battle and clustered ‘going abroad’”. Ling Li, the Deputy Director General of External Promotion Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC said. 

Ma Li placed great expectations on the development space of cooperation body. In her opinion, with the development of domestic film and television industries, the cooperation body, led by “National Team” has plenty of space for further development in the support of policies, funds and technologies, “we has just displayed only a small part of our talents, and just have no time to achieve what we are going to do aggressively.” “Through the power of professionalism, the cooperation body is gradually stepping out a road to “Going Abroad” of film and television culture.

In recent years, the export of film and television culture has been incorporated into the national culture strategy. The foreign exchange and cooperation of film and television have been continuously deepened, and the cooperation level, cooperation hierarchy and influence have also been significantly influenced. As said by Zhou Jihong, in 2019, the National Radio and Television Administration will continue to carry out “Audio-visual China” public diplomatic activities as well as hold Chinese Film and Television Broadcast Day, China Film and Television BBS, China Film and Television Overseas Audience Meeting, China Film and Television into Community and Campus and other brand activities, which will effectively enhance the brand degree and popularity of China’s films and televisions. .


Although such achievements have been remarkable, with the development of cooperation body, many problems have also emerged to be solved.

Therefore, Yang Zheng has put forward higher hopes to the development of cooperation body. As he said, “Going Abroad” is not only the requirements of the State for the teleplays development, but also the inevitable trend of self-development of TV plays, “Colleagues from TV Play Department shall learn from documentary play and cartoon peers, for the purpose of realizing “Going Abroad” not only for works but also for program pattern”. Besides, as he said, as the popular arts featuring great influence, the development of TV plays shall take the long view instead of just looking at the moment, meaning that we shall have international awareness. “This is the problem to be considered in the creation link. The influence of TV plays has determined to undertake more overseas communication responsibility.

“China International Television Corporation is not only the industry platform and market platform of Central Radio and Television Station, but also the leading enterprise of national film and television production industry, as the initiator of cooperation body, the Corporation shall play the role as bugler, correspondent, service personnel as well as in bridge and link of communication and cooperation among cooperation body and overseas institutions. As Xue Jujun Said, the cooperation body shall conform to the trend of times, fully explore the communication mode of 5G+4K age, pay attention to research new features and rules of film and TV watching under AI new intelligent home audio-visual environment, and provide audio-visual products satisfying new needs of the mass; furthermore, the cooperation body shall also enhance the vocality on the international arena, especially G7, and comply with international communication rules and innovative methods to make the world clearly understand China by our films and TV works.

1+1>2, “Going Abroad” with Significant Effects

Along with the country’s emphasis and support on “Going Abroad” of culture, the road to “Going Abroad” of domestic film and television works begins to show more possibilities. It is worth mentioning that the cooperation body has achieved practical achievements in high-quality creation of international film and television contents, the construction of international film and television exchange and trading platform and the joint participation of overseas film and television exhibition. On the forum, Shen Jianing, the responsible person of the Secretariat of cooperation body and the General Manager of China Radio Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center introduced the work results in 2018 and work plan in 2019.

Shen said, the cooperation body has endeavored for expanding broader international cooperation since its establishment, which has held a number of film and television program promotion events, communication forum on cooperation of movies and television plays as well as the activity of “The Road to Internationalization of China’s Film and Television” in Cannes, France, Lisbon and Porto, Portugal and Beijing under the guidance of competent authority; In September 2018, at the invitation of American Digital Entertainment Group, the cooperation body went to Los Angeles of the United States for a variety of cultural exchange activities; in October, by making use of the opportunity of hosting “Guest of Honor” activity of France Autumn Cannes TV Festival in 2018, the cooperation body has introduced and shown many excellent works from members to global film and television peers and endeavored for more promotion opportunities for peers…


By taking the team image as a whole and completing the goal difficult to achieve by any independent company with collective strength, the cooperation body has played the role of 1+1>2.

Liu Dehong, the General Manager of Beijing HLBN Film and Television Co., Ltd., Wang Hui, the President of Datang Brilliant Media Co., Ltd., Hou Hongliang, the President of Dongyang Zhengwuyangguang Film and Television Co., Ltd. , Su Xiao, the Founder and President of Linmon Picture, Wu Xuesong, the General Manager of Shandong Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Hao Jiangwen, the General Manager of Xi’an Qujiang Yaya Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Cao Huayi, the President of New Classics Media Co., Ltd., Wu Yi, the President of Zhejiang Tianyi Media Co., Ltd., Wei Lili, the Vice President of Ciwen Media Group and Miao Meng, the Vice President of Perfect World Pictures shared their own “Going Abroad” achievements in the past year as the representative of the standing director unit of cooperation body. According to the statistics, there are about 9625 episodes from about 467 programs broadcast overseas by the members of cooperation body, among which 78% have been broadcast overseas within one year after the domestic broadcast. And the export volume of the member companies has a year-on-year growth of 10%-47%.

Cultivating International Consciousness, Shouldering Heavy Responsibility for “Going Abroad”

“It is the bounden duty of the cooperation body to tell Chinese story, spread Chinese voice and show the real and comprehensive China to the world.” As for the work planning of 2019 of the cooperation body, Shen Jianing has put forward four directions: First, develop excellent cooperative members, directors and standing director units and strengthen the cooperation body; Second, expand the scale of foreign trade to make Chinese stories continue to be spread abroad; Third, constantly be shown on important festivals; Fourth, carry out foreign exchanges at various levels.

As Shen Jianing said, this year, the cooperation body will focus on being shown on important exhibitions. In addition to organizing members to jointly participate in domestic and foreign film and television festivals and exhibitions, the cooperation body also plans to send excellent works to major festivals and exhibitions for award evaluation.


In May, the cooperation body will organize partial members to go to Los Angeles and joint LA Screenings, participate in “Global Content Cooperation Forum”, visit American top-level production companies and new media platforms, and also plan to invite associations from other countries/regions to come to China for negotiation, which will not only promote the export of films made by members of cooperation body, but also complete more practical work to promote the remake of overseas version of dramas and co-production and cooperation between member of cooperation body and foreign production institutions.

In the future, the cooperation body will continue to be open and pragmatic with the purpose of “promoting socialist core value and helping enhance the country’s culture soft power” and make greater contribution to the import and export of Chinese film and televisions. (Source: FTIEA, a cooperation body of import and export enterprise of film and television culture)