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The Documentary “Great Wall” to Debut in France

2019-03-21 11:00

FRANCE 5 - part of the French Public Television Group France Télévisions - is scheduled to air the documentary Great Wall (International Edition) on 21st March at 08:50pm, local time, in the successful science slot Science Grand Format to French audiences. The documentary is a co-presentation by China International Television Corporation, Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, Beijing Keying Media and BTV Documentary, and is jointly produced by China International Television Corporation and Austria’s Pre TV. 1

Adapted from the 12-episode Chinese edition, the international edition is composed of two episodes, each 50 minutes in length. The first episode, titled “The Eternal Wall”, introduces the changes in foreign trade and defense functionality of the Great Wall from the Zhou Dynasty to the Han Dynasty. The second episode, titled “The Wall of Power”, focuses on the stories behind the Great Wall before and after the establishment of the Ming Dynasty. The international edition has upgraded content and shooting techniques in an all-round way and involved a strong team of international experts, uncovering legendary stories behind the historical miracle of the Great Wall.


After being broadcast by BTV-Documentary, Tencent Video and ORF (Austria) from October to November 2018, the documentary has gained high recognition both at home and abroad. According to audiences, the overseas broadcasting of this Chinese documentary has enhanced the influence of Chinese culture. Nikolaus Wisiak, CEO of Pre TV and a producer, has said that the international edition has secured above average ratings since its debut on the ORF platform. Thomas Matzek, Head of ORF Universum History said: “This documentary, filmed with the newest technologies, creates a rich and colorful image of the genesis of a structure designed to last an eternity. I salute this wonderful cooperation between Chinese and Austrian filmmakers.”


The documentary is distributed globally by China International Television Corporation, while ORFE is commissioned for distribution in Europe. Let the world enjoy the beauty of the Great Wall