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Cambodia's "Hi-Cambo!" Channel Fully Upgraded

2019-01-30 10:34

On January 21, "Hi-Cambo!", China TV comprehensive entertainment channel commercially operated by China International Television Corporation (CITVC) in Cambodia started broadcasting again on Cambodia's digital TV platform after content optimization and comprehensive revision. The channel broadcasts programs for 4 hours a day, rolling from Monday to Sunday, with a total of not less than 1100 hours per year. The contents include TV plays, cartoons and documentaries, all of which are provided by the head office.


To promote the broadcasting effect of "Hi-Cambo!" in Cambodia, the head office has done full investigation from the broadcasting platform, broadcasting time to broadcasting content. According to the viewing preferences of the Cambodian viewers, the historical drama Legend of Chu and Han, the classic cartoon Journey to the West and the excellent documentary Century Masters were carefully selected. The selection and arrangement of the program content won unanimous praise from the viewers. At the same time, in order to achieve the best viewing effect, all programs have been dubbed and packaged locally.


“Hi-Cambo!” comprehensive entertainment channel and documentary channel officially started broadcasting on August 26, 2016. After more than 2 years of operation, CITVC has optimized the content according to market demand, merged and upgraded the two channels into "Hi-Cambo!" China TV comprehensive entertainment channel, and moved it from the original SingMeng digital TV platform to Cambodia digital TV platform as a whole. The upgraded broadcasting platform has overcome the limitations of topography and natural conditions in Cambodia. The program transmission adopts more advanced digital television terrestrial multimedia broadcasting (DTMB) standards, which greatly meets the needs of more Cambodians to watch China TV programs, thus further improving the localization transmission effect and enhancing the international transmission power of China TV programs overseas.

As a member of the commercial large-scale overseas period and channel publicity cluster carefully built by CITVC, "Hi-Cambo!" channel adopts the cooperation mode of "content + platform" and, relying on the strong content resources and program dubbing ability of CITVC and the strong local transmission power of DTMB platform, becomes a new bridge to promote the further development of Sino-Cambodian friendly exchanges.