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Nirvana in Fire Broadcast in Great Britain

2019-01-30 10:31

At present, the TV series Nirvana in Fire is broadcasted every Sunday at 8 p.m. on the British Sky Broadcasting platform "China Hour" and was warmly welcomed by local viewers. This is the first Chinese costume drama broadcast in this period, which marks that Chinese traditional culture has entered the cultural horizon of Western viewers in a more vivid and authentic way.


British "China Hour" period is the first exclusive period set up by China International Television Corporation (CITVC) in developed countries. The items of the program mainly include Chinese documentaries, animated cartoons, tourism and cultural programs, with an aim to show Chinese cultural heritage to British viewers more comprehensively. In order to ensure the diversity of programs broadcast, the head office started to add the TV series section at the end of 2018. The broadcasting of Nirvana in Fire has further expanded the influence of Chinese culture in Europe and led to the upsurge of Chinese drama. This time, in order to catering for the tastes of local viewers, the head office translated Nirvana in Fire into English and packaged it locally to make it more in line with the viewing habits of British viewers.

It is reported that since 2015, CITVC has launched the "China Hour" brand program period, the "Hi-" series channel and the "China Zone" new media zone in 11 countries, namely South Africa, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Russia and Japan, in a localized packaging manner, making it an important window for overseas viewers to learn about China.