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TV Series Princess Agents Becomes Hot Broadcast at Mainstream Media in Mexico

2019-01-17 09:16


At present, the costume drama Princess Agents commercially released by China International Television Corporation (CITVC) is being broadcast at Imagen TV, a mainstream television station in Mexico. The drama is dubbed in Spanish and aired locally every Sunday night from 9: 00 p.m. to 10: 00 p.m. This is the first time that Chinese costume drama has landed at mainstream Mexican media. The viewers on the premiere day exceeded 600,000, causing great stir.  


As the exclusive overseas distributor of Princess Agents, CITVC commercially distributed the drama to Latin American countries such as Mexico and Peru in 2018. It took one year more to do the localization packaging work such as voice dubbing in Spanish, striving to present an audio-visual feast of Chinese plays to Mexican viewers. This year, the Spanish dubbing version of Princess Agents will be launched in Peru and other Latin American countries. More wonderful contents are on the way!