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The TV Series Nirvana in Fire Was Launched on Mainstream Media in Argentina

2019-01-11 09:01

On the evening of January 7, local time in Argentina, Nirvana in Fire, the period drama issued by China International Television Corporation, was officially launched on América TV, the mainstream TV station in Argentina. The drama was translated into Spanish and one episode was broadcast a day from Monday to Saturday. This is the first time that the Chinese period drama has been broadcast on the mainstream screen in Argentina, which is of great significance.  


As the exclusive overseas issuer of Nirvana in Fire, China International Television Corporation issued the drama to Argentina in 2017. It spent two years on localized packaging work such as Spanish dubbing, so as to bring the best Chinese audio-visual enjoyment to Argentine audiences. Previously, the Corporation had issued many high-quality domestic TV series such as The Legend of Bruce Lee and Starlit to Latin American countries. This year, the Spanish version of Agent Princess, issued by the Corporation, will also be launched in Mexico and other Latin American countries successively. More exciting contents are coming soon!