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During the 2018 Beautiful Chang'an - Large-scale Music and Culture Activity, Chinese and Foreign Musicians Take You to Explore the Chinese Version of “La La Land”

2018-12-04 16:47

The 2018 Beautiful Chang'an - Large-scale Music and Culture Activity, jointly sponsored by China International Television Corporation, Xi'an Broadcasting Station and Britain Dreyfus Media Group, was officially launched in Xi'an on November 20. As a guest of honor, the Hoosiers, a famous rock band, explored the infinite charm of music and culture in Xi'an, including Qinqiang opera, drum music, food, shadow puppets, cultural relics and customs. It is hoped that through artistic expression, the inheritance and development of Silk Road music and culture and the popularization of Chinese traditional culture will be promoted, so that the folk music and culture will go global.  


Launch of“Beautiful Chang'an” Music Activity

The project was officially released at the 2018 BELT AND ROAD MEDIA COMMUNITY SUMMIT FORUM. It plans to produce three versions of special documentaries of 22 minutes, 12 minutes and 5 minutes, which will be broadcast on Xi'an Broadcasting Station, “China Hour” period and overseas channel in Britain, South Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia, broadcasting organizations in member countries of the Belt and Road Media Community, as well as new media platforms at home and abroad.     


The Hoosiers communicated with young people in Fortifications of Xi'an on musical trend in China

The first stop of the activity was the ancient city wall of Xi'an. Under the city wall with profound historical background, the Hoosiers discussed the music taste and popular trend that Chinese young people are keen on with young people of Xi’an, sang the song created for Xi'an on the spot, and exchanged creative experience with young people of Xi'an.  


Photos of The Hoosiers with Shaanxi opera master Lei Kaiyuan and young actors

In Shaanxi Opera Research Institute, the Hoosiers had an in-depth exchange with Qinqiang master Lei Kaiyuan and young actors on traditional music such as Xi'an Opera, Qinqiang Opera and Northern Shaanxi Folk Songs and the characteristics, pronunciation and features of traditional musical instruments. The performers impressed the band with their skillful playing of instruments and profound singing skills, so that the band absorbed many new creative elements. 


The Hoosiers Learns Opera from Artists of Shaanxi Opera Research Institute

Danfeng Gate is the main landmark building of Chang'an of Tang Dynasty - the South Gate of Daming Palace. The wonderful performance of the Hoosiers and Xi'an Youth Waist Drum Team reproduced the lively scene of “Singing in Front of Danfeng Building and Playing Drum under Jinji Pole”. The combination of waist drum and dance also greatly widen the horizon of the Hoosiers who consulted with the waist drum team on the spot. The two sides learned from each other. 


The Hoosiers and Xi’an Youth Waist Drum Team Presents Wonderful Performance

The theme music created by the Hoosiers for Xi'an was premiered in Yongxing Lane. The Hoosiers also interacted with the performing artists on the spot, which pushed the atmosphere to the climax. The audience applauded constantly. In the following journey, the band will continue to absorb more traditional music elements of Xi'an and integrate them into its own music creation.


Debut of The Hoosiers at Yongxingfang

The Hoosiers will continue their musical and cultural tour in Xi'an, such as Yisushe, Muslim Street, Xi'an Museum, “Shijingli” Town, and Entrepreneurship Block, so as to obtain diversified musical and cultural experience and display the cultural charm of Xi'an, the “City of Music”.