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With the Overseas Premiere of Interstellar Cry, “Origin” Takes You to Explore the Unknown Outer Space

2018-12-04 15:36





On November 14, the TV series Interstellar Cry was premiered overseas on YouTube. The TV series is the latest sci-fi IP series jointly developed and produced by China International Television Corporation, Sony Pictures and Left Bank Pictures. China International Television Corporation will translate the Chinese Version and distribute it to all media in mainland China.  


The TV series Interstellar Cry has a total of 10 episodes, each episode of 60 minutes. It tells a story happened in the near future in the planet Thea, a habitable planet 5 light years from Earth. The TV series focuses on the global market with a combination of new sci-fi and suspense. This is another novel work invested by the Corporation, which creates a high-quality series for the international market with exciting suspense plot, wonderful actors' performance and high-level special effects editing.





Shen Jianing, Assistant President of China International Television Corporation and General Manager of China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center, said: “I am very glad to cooperate with Sony and Left Bank. This is the beginning of our cooperation with internationally renowned companies in the field of TV series. I hope that Interstellar Cry will be successful not only in the international market, but also in the domestic market.”

Richard Parsons, CEO of Left Bank Production Company, said: “Interstellar Cry is a work of international cooperation. Our production team comes from different countries, speak four different languages and shoot in seven different cities, including some cities in South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan. The whole production is very complicated, and it is an international blockbuster. I hope the whole world will enjoy the TV series Interstellar Cry. At the same time, I would like to thank our partner, China International Television Corporation, and look forward to our next cooperation with the Corporation."

Wayne Garver, International Production President of Sony Pictures, said: “The Interstellar Cry is a sci-fi drama that shows how people from different cultures come together and break down various obstacles that exist between them, and how humans interact with technology. I hope that we can be very successful in the Chinese market and in the world market!”



The manned spacecraftOrigin was hit by a fast-moving asteroid on a journey to planet Thea, and 200 passengers on the spacecraft needed to be evacuated immediately. However, the last 10 passengers failed to escape in time and were left on the isolated spacecraft. Each of them has an unknown past, and is eager to start a new life through this opportunity. Previously unseen, they must now rely on each other, unite to fight against the incredible crisis in the universe, and do whatever it takes to keep the spacecraft flying.However, the presence of alien invader has re-escalated the already tense mood.


What exactly is the “invader”?

How does it control humans?

Who is controlled by the invader, frequently attacking fellow travelers and killing them?

In the face of reality and the unknown adventure, Interstellar Cry leads us to open a new horizon, to this fantastic world in outer space.