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The Premiere of Documentary Great Wall (International Version) Was Well Received

2018-12-04 14:56


Jointly presented by China International Television Corporation and Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, Beijing Keying Media Culture Co., Ltd and BTV-11, and jointly produced by China International Television Corporation and Austria PreTV Production Company, the historical documentary Great Wall (International Version) was successively premiered on Austria ORF TV Station, BTV-11 and Tencent Video in October 2018.  



After the broadcast, Great Wall (International Version) has received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign audiences, among which, the audience rating of Austria ORF TV Station has exceeded the average audience rating. On the day of the broadcast, it reached a rating of 0.04 and a market share of 0.14 on the BTV-11. Compared with the same type of documentaries, it had a significant viewing effect. It promoted the Great Wall culture and told the long history of China to the audience, and received a good response. At the same time, its rating and share have also increased to varying degrees compared with that of the same period, contributing to the improvement of the rating of the channel.

The documentary has been viewed 3.703 million times and scored 7.3 points after it was broadcast on Tencent Video. The comments of netizens highlighted that the documentary was a great work with a high level of production:

“If Chinese history is a house, then Chinese scholars look at the structure of the house in the house. It is difficult for us to jump out of the house and look at the house outside. However, foreign scholars are not influenced by Chinese culture, so they can see China from a different perspective.”


“The Great Wall is a building left to us by our ancestors. Thanks to the restoration of the Great Wall by scientists, the ancient history of China continues and generations of Chinese people can see such a magnificent building. I hope that China will be stronger and I also thank scientists for their efforts.”  


“Just two episodes? Not enough! I really hope to learn more about China history!”


“The Great Wall runs through thousands of miles, and China lasts for thousands of years.” 


“Excellent documentary is worthy of thumb up, bookmark and sharing, and I hope more people can see it” 


In addition, France5 TV Station has purchased the telecast right of Great Wall (International Version) and plans to complete the broadcast within the year. Many domestic media such as CCTV-9 and DOCUTV also expressed their purchase intention. This is one of the most successful cases of the pre-sale of the adapted version of Chinese original documentary at home and abroad. The appearance of the Great Wall (International Version) on TV stations and new media platforms at home and abroad will trigger a new round of “Great Wall” upsurge in the international market.