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From Chang’an to Rome Creates the New IP of Cultural “Belt and Road”

2018-12-04 14:30

       The transnational 100 micro-documentary From Chang’an to Rome, jointly presented by China International Television Corporation, Xi'an Broadcasting Station and China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center, and jointly shot by China and Italy, is in the early stage of intense shooting. At present, the Italian shooting part has been basically completed, involving more than 100 scenes.     

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The whole documentary took expert field exploration and experiential shooting as the main line. During the shooting in Italy, it received support and assistance from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of Italy and Rome Municipal Government, and received the attention of RAI. Many well-known Chinese experts and scholars including Mengman, He Maochun, Li Shan, Yu Gengzhe, Yu Zhonghua, Yang Dongjiang and Tian Yimiao visited top local experts and scholars including Bartolomeo Mazzotta (an archaeologist of Italian Cultural Heritage Protection Center) and Francesco Rutelli (former Deputy Prime Minister of Italian Republic). The two sides had in-depth exchanges. The documentary is currently under intense production in the ancient city of Xi'an. The shooting was also supported by Xi'an Broadcasting Station.

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In September 2018, the launch ceremony of the documentary was successfully held at the 2018 BELT AND ROAD MEDIA COMMUNITY SUMMIT FORUM. Leaders of Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of Italy and the corporation attended the ceremony. 





During the forum, leaders at all levels, based on the response of overseas media, organized a special seminar to clarify the direction of post-production. That is, it should reveal the history of the two most symbolic and ancient capitals in the Eastern and Western civilizations through the starting and ending points of the Silk Road. Taking the exchanges and integration driven by the Silk Road as the main line, it should use the Chinese perspective, modern stance and international expression to describe the major contribution made by the cultural integration between Chang’an and Rome to the evolution and development of human civilization over the past 2,000 years, as well as the great story of the inclusiveness, exchanges and mutual learning between different civilizations.



The 100-episode micro-documentary From Chang'an to Rome brings together the team of gold medal directors from China and Italy - Zhao Weidong and Paolo Carrino. Condensing more than 30 years of production experience of the directors, and adhering to the creative idea of “light volume, high concentration and high quality”, it adopted the parallel perspective of “A Tale of Two Cities” for the first time. Through 5 minutes of narration and 10 themes, it built the index of Chinese and western civilizations, completed the dialogue between ancient and modern times and between the East and West, and vividly interpreted the “Silk Road Spirit”. It tries to create a phenomenal cultural documentary. Let's witness the birth of another popular documentary after National Treasure Cuisine.