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Documentary Series Eternal Friendship Successfully Completed Overseas Filming

2018-12-04 13:51

In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Oman, China International Television Corporation and CGTN jointly launched the shooting and production of the documentary series Eternal Friendship, which truly records the everlasting friendship between China and Oman from multiple perspectives.The program has two versions, 3 episodes, 50 minutes each, and 4 episodes, 5 minutes each. After completion, it will be broadcast simultaneously on the CBTN of the Central Radio and Television Station and the Oman National Television Station. In addition, it will be issued to domestic and overseas TV stations and new media platforms in a variety of authorization ways, such as cable TV, wireless TV, IPTV, VOD on-demand, mobile new media and airline.  


Symbol of China-Oman Friendship - Sohar Antique Sailing

In order to shoot and create this documentary, the main creative team was faced with difficulties such as tight preparation time, scarce historical materials, time-consuming transnational contact, and difficulty in entry shooting. It made every effort to overcome difficulties, actively pushed forward, and successfully completed the overseas filming task, laying a good foundation for creating a high-quality TV documentary with both epic character and international vision.

Version 1: 3 episodes, 50 minutes each. It takes you to appreciate the multi-dimensional friendship between China and Oman in detail

The documentary series Eternal Friendship consists of three episodes, 50 minutes each. It will record the profound friendship between China and Oman from the three dimensions of history, economy and culture. It will also show their friendly relations of peaceful coexistence, win-win cooperation, exchanges and mutual learning under the framework of “Belt and Road”.   


  The film crew interviewed Khalid Saidi, the Secretary-General of the State Council of OmanThrough this documentary, viewers can see the exchanges and integration between the two civilizations in the historical cities and cultural relics, the overall perspective of the historical origins, economic and trade exchanges, and cultural exchanges between China and Oman, as well as the continuously promoted pragmatic cooperation and more extensive prospect for cooperation in various fields under the framework of “Belt and Road”.  


The film crew filmed interviews at Sultan Qaboos University

Version 2: 4 episodes, 5 minutes each. It triggers emotional resonance with stories of vivid characters

     In the context of media convergence, micro-documentaries have become a new form of documentary in the context of new media. In response to the fragmentation needs of the audience in the new media era, China International Television Corporation launched the 4K micro-documentary Silk Road, Our Story - Oman, a total of 4 episodes with 5 minutes each episode. It adopts the latest 4K shooting technology. With a new interpretation perspective, each it selects 1 typical character for each episode, connects the grand historical background with stories of vivid characters, forms a panoramic view of The Times, presses close to life and the viewers with new audiovisual, new perspective and new story, and triggers emotional resonance.   


Shooting site

 With the first-person narration of the protagonist as the narration clue, and with the typical life scene of the character as the creative space, the documentary creates a unique narrative artistic conception according to the personality of the character and the theme of the story. The language of the character is simple and concise, creating a compact and soothing information density.   


    The film crew interviewed the principal of China-Oman Friendship Association

     The micro-video version will focus on the new media market in the world. With its advantages of fast communication mode, good performance of content and broad circulation channel, it will lead the global audience to appreciate the unique charm of the documentary. It is a beneficial attempt for documentaries to be integrated into new media and move towards marketization.  


The film crew took photos with the Chinese warships in Salalah