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“A Tale of Two Cities” from Parallel Perspective, Telling the Great Story of Human Civilization

2018-12-04 10:38

Recently, the 100-episode convergence media documentary From Chang'an to Rome was filmed in Tang Paradise, Xi'an. It was jointly initiated and produced by China Media Group, China International Television Corporation and Xi'an Broadcast and TV Station. RAI also participated in the production.     





The documentary shows the history of the two most symbolic ancient capitals in the Eastern and Western civilizations, and tells the story of the inclusiveness and mutual exchange of different civilizations. Therefore, it has been listed as a key project of the National “Records of China” Communication Project.  


The documentary is divided into 10 themes, each of which is a self-contained chapter. Each chapter is composed of several 5-minuts stories and is jointly created by excellent production teams from China and Italy in the field of documentary. It contains all aspects of life in Chang'an and Rome, and presents their culture, civilization and all representative contents.   



The documentary adopts the parallel perspective of “A Tale of Two Cities” for the first time. The team also went to every corner of Xi'an and Rome, and tells a great story of human civilization from a diversified international perspective. Two ancient cities, from Chang'an to Rome, learn from each other through the form of documentary, and let us have a look at their elegant demeanor with wonderful lens language. (Source: Chang’an. There are some changes)