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China Attended the MIPCOM 2018 as Guest of Honor, Aiming at the International Market for Its High-quality Films and TV Series

2018-11-29 17:12



The MIPCOM 2018 kicked off in Cannes, France from October 15 to 18. China made its debut as the guest of honor and held a grand opening ceremony on the evening of October 15 with the theme of “Wonderful Stories Originate from China”, attended by 3,000 guests from all over the world.

The guest of honor event is the largest and most influential part of MIPCOM every year. The event was jointly sponsored by the State Council Information Office and National Radio and Television Administration, and jointly organized by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center.  


Fan Weiping, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director General of National Radio and Television Administration

Fan Weiping, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director General of National Radio and Television Administration, said in his speech that good stories have infinite vitality and move people the most. He hoped to explore China’s rich story treasures together with friends from all over the world and thus enhance mutual understanding. He hoped that everyone would have the opportunity to go to China and discover a colorful, vivid and wonderful China full of opportunities in person.  


Ling Li, Deputy Director General of the External Promotion Bureau of the State Council Information Office of China

Ling Li, Deputy Director General of the External Promotion Bureau of the State Council Information Office of China, said in his speech that film and television organizations of all countries were welcome to strengthen exchanges with Chinese counterparts in the future, strive for more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, jointly explore wonderful Chinese stories, and work together to innovate the ways of storytelling and communication methods. Li Shaoping, Minister Counselor of the Culture Department of China Embassy in France, said that pandas are cute and adorable, and he hoped that Chinese TV series will be as popular with audiences around the world as National Treasure Panda  


Paul Zilk, Chairman of MIPCOM

Paul Zilk, Chairman of MIPCOM, said in his speech that he was very glad that China could be the guest of honor at the MIPCOM 2018. This year, Cannes also attracted the largest ever Chinese delegation, indicating the huge development of China's television industry and the abundant programs produced by Chinese enterprises for the international market. He expected that China’s best film and television programs can be presented at this event, and can encourage content creators from all over the world to jointly produce more brilliant programs.  


“Special Contribution Award” to representatives of China International Television Corporation and Shanghai Media Group Co., Ltd

During the event, Paul Zilk, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of MIPCOM, together with Deputy Director General Fan Weiping, presented the “Special Contribution Award” to representatives of China International Television CorporationShanghai Media Group and Shanghai Media Group Co., Ltd, for their efforts in the long-term friendly cooperation between China joint booth and MIPCOM.

Attract the World's Attention with Wonderful Chinese Elements

The “Chinese Culture Exhibition Area” was set up at the opening ceremony, and the performance of Chinese traditional cultural items was extremely exciting. Guests personally experienced tea art, paper cutting, clay sculpture, water painting, calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting and other items on the spot. Among them, the Chinese first-class pastry chef made noodles by drawing out the dough by hand, which attracted the attention of the participants. When the audience knew that about 500 grams of dry flour, through the skillful hands of the chef, can eventually form 32,768 strands of noodles with a length of more than 50,000 meters, all the audiences marveled at the magic of Chinese cooking. The performance by Shang Changrong, one of the top performers in Peking Opera, as well as the performance of “Face-changing in Sichuan Opera” presented by Ms. Fang, a well-known Chinese performing artist, won applause from the guests. The large-scale VR interactive experience program “Around/Across China” enabled guests to experience the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang, which is not open to the outside world. During the Q&A session, the guests actively participated in the interaction. The guests were very interested in Chinese culture, food, city, history and so on. Some foreign guests can name many Chinese cities, Chinese dishes, and the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Among them, a guest from Brazil said that his two children were born in Yueyang, Hunan Province and he loved China very much. The elaborate panda doll of the guest of honor was also welcomed by the guests.  


It is worth mentioning that Liu Ye, as a representative of excellent Chinese actors, was also invited to Cannes to attend the red-carpet ceremony. He said that as a Chinese actor, he was honored to witness and participate in the convening of the event. He was glad to establish a connection between his work and this event. He also expressed that said that MIPCOM has provided a very good display platform for domestic practitioners. He also hoped that the TV series On the Road, which he starred in and tells the development and changes of China in the past 20 years, will be here to meet you next year.   


Liu Ye, Actor

The colorful recommendation and exchange activities held by the guest of honor on the spot showcased China’s extensive and profound culture, as well as China's friendly and open attitude and image. The combination of film and television program promotion and traditional Chinese culture, scientific and technological development, and national image through the form of on-site interaction has aroused the guests' strong interest in Chinese culture.

Diversified Programs Appear in Cannes, and High-quality Films and TV Series Seek for International Market

During the event, eight works were displayed on the spot in the form of traditional Chinese scrolls, such as The Story of Min Lan, On the Road, The Way We Were, The Great Wall (international version), Krosh and Panda, and Aerial China. The episode of Carina Lau in a delicate cheongsam in Eighteen Springs was used to conduct a Q&A interaction with guests on the spot. The guests actively participated in the interaction and vividly expressed their love for Chinese culture and Chinese clothing.  


Shang Changrong, Honorary Chairman of China Theatre Association

With the continuous improvement of China’s cultural soft power, more and more film and television works reflecting the new style and excellent traditional culture of China have gone abroad, becoming an important window for the international communication of Chinese culture. In recent years, a series of excellent domestic film and television works have not only been loved by domestic audiences, but also exported to foreign countries. In 2014, the TV series Nirvana in Fire, produced by Daylight Entertainment, landed in many countries. It ranked 7th in the online video purchase hits list in South Korea, and was praised by American netizens as the Chinese version of “The Count of Monte Cristo”. At the same time, it was also broadcast in Japan and many African countries. Like a Flowing River, another masterpiece brought by Daylight Entertainment, focused on the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up, and was prominently exposed outside Palais des Festivals, the main venue of MIPCOM, with a huge advertisement of 24 meters wide and 11 meters high in central position, which was forwarded by a large number of domestic and foreign media.

These excellent domestic film and television works play an important role in spreading Chinese traditional culture and promoting cultural exchanges between the East and the West on the road of “going abroad”.

Strengthen the cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises and create high-quality film and television works that spread Chinese culture

The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. Exchanges and cooperation in film and television industry between China and foreign countries have become more frequent and fruitful. The relationship between China and MIPCOM can be traced back to 2003. Over the past 15 years, China has participated in MIPCOM for 30 consecutive times and held more than 100 promotional events and forums. By virtue of the platform of MIPCOM, China has told countless wonderful Chinese stories to the world. Back in 2003, when China’s joint booth debuted at MIPCOM, there were only six exhibitors. Looking back, in 2003, China's joint booth debuted at MIPCOM, when there were only six exhibitors. 2018 marks the fifteenth year of China's appearance in Cannes. More than 500 people from more than 50 institutions participated in this “guest of honor event”.

It is reported that more than 10 special promotional activities were held at China’s joint booth during the exhibition. Among them, China International Television Corporation participated in the China New Works Promotion Conference, focusing on the promotion of Every Treasure Tells a Story and other excellent programs. It also made a keynote speech on “Share Chinese Stories with the World” at the International Co-production Film and Television Summit Forum. It also held the special promotion conference, presentation and industry sharing conference of “Create New Legend with National Treasure”, as well as MIP Junior and other activities, which attracted wide attention.

The MIPCOM 2018, as an important platform for the internationalization of domestic film and television works, is an important channel for the transmission of Chinese culture. It is a trend for domestic film and television works to go international. The Chinese film and television industry should be fully confident in Chinese culture, strengthen exchanges with film and television organizations of various countries, strive for more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, and jointly explore more wonderful Chinese stories. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that civilization is colorful because of communication, and civilization is enriched by mutual learning. China's door of opening-up will not be closed, but will only be opened wider and wider. We hope that exchanges between China and foreign countries will inject new impetus into the international dissemination of film and television works and contribute to the prosperity and development of diverse cultures.

(Source of some contents: Film and Television Outpost)