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Opening of the MIPCOM 2018 with “Chinese Stories” Displayed in Diversified Events

2018-11-28 17:17


On October 15, local time, the four-day MIPCOM 2018 officially kicked off in Cannes, France, and China made its debut as the guest of honor. On the evening of the October 15, local time, the State Council Information Office and National Radio and Television Administration sponsored the opening ceremony with the theme of “Wonderful Stories Originate from China”. The event was jointly organized by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center.  



Focusing on Reform and Opening-up, Many Domestic Films and TV Series Go Abroad

  2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. Over the past 40 years, Chinese film and television industry has continuously strengthened exchanges and cooperation with the rest of the world, promoted the broadcast of Chinese film and television programs on international mainstream platforms, become an important window for the world to understand China in a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive way, and effectively promoted people-to-people exchanges between China and foreign countries. “Good stories have infinite vitality and move people the most.” Fan Weiping, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director General of National Radio and Television Administration, said in his speech that he hoped to explore China’s rich story treasures together with friends from all over the world and thus enhance mutual understanding.

  At the opening ceremony, Ling Li, Deputy Director General of the External Promotion Bureau of the State Council Information Office of China, said in his speech that film and television organizations of all countries were welcome to strengthen exchanges with Chinese counterparts in the future, strive for more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, jointly explore wonderful Chinese stories, and work together to innovate the ways of storytelling and communication methods.  


Fan Weiping (right), member of the Party Group and Deputy Director General of National Radio and Television Administration, and Paul Zilk (left), Chairman of MIPCOM

Paul Zilk, Chairman of MIPCOM, said in his speech that he was very glad that China can be the guest of honor at the MIPCOM 2018. This year, Cannes also attracted the largest ever Chinese delegation, which reflects the huge development of China's television industry and the abundant programs produced by Chinese enterprises for the international market. He expected that China’s best film and television programs can be presented at this event, and can encourage content creators from all over the world to jointly produce more brilliant programs.  


“Special Contribution Award” to representatives of China International Television Corporation and Shanghai Media Group Co., Ltd

During the event, Paul Zilk, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of MIPCOM, together with Minister Fan Weiping, presented the “Special Contribution Award” to representatives of China International Television CorporationShanghai Media Group and Shanghai Media Group Co., Ltd, for their efforts in the long-term friendly cooperation between China’s joint booth and MIPCOM. Eight works were displayed on the spot in the form of traditional Chinese scrolls, such as The Story of Min Lan, On the Road, The Way We Were, The Great Wall (international version), Aerial China, and Krosh and Panda. The episode of Carina Lau in a delicate cheongsam in Eighteen Springs was used to conduct a Q&A interaction with guests on the spot.  


Comprehensive Showcase “Chinese stories” with multiple radiations

The “Chinese Culture Exhibition Area” and the performance of Chinese traditional cultural items were set up at the opening ceremony. Guests personally experienced tea art, paper cutting, clay sculpture, water painting, calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting and other items on the spot. The VR interactive experience program “Around/Across China” enabled guests to experience the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang, which is not open to the outside world. The event also interacted with the guests through the Q&A session, combining the promotion of film and television programs with traditional Chinese culture, technological development, and national image, so that more foreign guests can deepen their understanding of Chinese history, culture and film and television programs.  


MIPCOM is currently the largest entertainment content trading market with the highest brand awareness and the most extensive influence among similar exhibitions in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of television practitioners from more than 100 countries and regions attend the MIPCOM. China participated in this year’s MIPCOM as the guest of honor for the first time, which is more directly oriented to the international market. It is of great significance to build and improve the brand, image and positioning of China’s film and television content industry, and accelerate the growth of the number of Chinese film and television exports.

In addition to the promotion of key episodes, Chinese film and television representatives also recommended and presented a number of animations, documentaries, variety shows and other works during the fair.  


In terms of animation, representatives of ten domestic animation enterprises, such as CCTV Animation, Fantawild, Tianjin North Animation, Shanghai Animation Film Studio, and ZOLAND, recommended a number of animated TV series and animated films to the audience on October 14, local time, including TV series such as Krosh and Panda, Marshmallow and Cloud Mom, films such as New Happy Dad and Son 3: Adventure in Russian, Meng Wa, Entangled Worlds of Boonie Bears, Magic Eye Is Back. Among them, Meng Wa, with the Chinese dream spokesperson Meng Wa as the protagonist, vividly tells the story of contemporary Chinese children.

In addition, documentaries such as China's Mega Projects, Every Treasure Tells a Story, Confucius, The Great Wall, The Long March, and variety shows such as Men vs Machines were also recommended on the spot.

The MIPCOM 2018 lasts for three days. The guest of honor event is the largest and most influential part of MIPCOM every year. It is learned that about 400 people from nearly 60 film and television organizations from China have attended the MIPCOM 2018, and a series of promotional activities were held to showcase the outstanding Chinese film and television content to the world.