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“China Hour” officially kicks off in Portugal

2018-11-28 16:15


On October 8, local time, the localized Chinese program time slot "China Hour" jointly launched by China International Television Corporation and Porto Canal officially kicked off in Portugal. The broadcast of the “China Hour” in Portugal marks the first regular broadcast period of original Chinese program in Southern Europe.  


It is broadcast every Monday from 21:30 PM to 22:30 PM prime time on Porto Canal, covering all Portugal. It is rebroadcast every Thursday and Saturday. All the programs during this time slot are provided by China International Television Corporation, which are broadcast after being translated into Portuguese. The Corporation and the Portuguese side will share commercial benefits such as advertising and title sponsorship. 

In order to achieve the best broadcasting results, the Corporation and Porto Canal jointly conducted a number of preliminary market research to understand the viewing habits of mainstream Portuguese audiences. On this basis, the two sides finally determined the broadcast time and broadcast program after full communication. The documentary Inside China's Biggest Gala is selected as the "opening show" of the time slot.  


Mafalda Ramos, Program Director of Porto Canal, said that the "Spring Festival Gala" is an epitome of Chinese culture and one of the most representative cultural symbols in China. It is believed that this documentary that “sees big things through small ones” will bring new cultural shock and visual experience to mainstream audiences in Portugal and even Portuguese-speaking audiences in many countries. They can approach China and perceive China through the Spring Festival Gala.

The “China Hour” Chinese program has also been well received by the Portuguese audiences, and local media has published relevant reports and previews on it. The first batch of programs to be broadcast also include Portuguese-language documentaries such as Tea: Story of the Leaf, Porcelain Story, and The Great Mount Huang. These programs cover a wide range of topics and are well produced. They span the history of China from ancient to modern times. They not only show both the vicissitude and glory of China in history, but also reflect the fashion and lifestyle of contemporary Chinese people. Together, they will tell a wonderful “Chinese story” for all Portuguese audiences of "China Hour". 


Since 2015, the Corporation has launched integrated entertainment channel such as "Hi-Indo" in Indonesia and "Hi-Cambo!” in Cambodia, as well as “China Hour” Chinese program time slot in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Myanmar, Sierra Leone and Portugal. In addition, the Corporation has also launched the “China Zone” new media video zone on the Russian new media platform SPB and the global new media platform Viki, and has launched the “China Zone” new media official channel on YouTube, the new media platform with the largest number of users in the world.

It is reported that Porto Canal has covered the whole territory of Portugal and some countries and regions in Europe, America and Africa, covering more than 15 million households. In 2017, Porto Canal joined the “Belt and Road Media Community” initiated by the Corporation.