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China Pavilion Appears at NATPE Budapest 2018 in Hungary

2018-07-05 13:45


       Entrusted by State Administration of Radio and Television, China Pavilion undertaken by China International Television Corporation made another appearance at NATPE Budapest 2018 on June 25-28, 2018. A large number of excellent Chinese film and television programs, which had been painstakingly translated, came on stage, and were widely welcomed in international markets including Central and Eastern Europe.


This time China Pavilion organized four companies to attend this show. They are China International Television Corporation, Jiangsu Radio & Television International Communication Co.,Ltd., Fantawild (Shenzhen) Animation Co.,Ltd., and Jetsen Huashi Wangju (Changzhou) Culture Media Co.,Ltd. Carrying about 3000 hours of dubbed multilingual TV plays, documentaries and animated films, China International Television Corporation mainly recommended "Amazing China", "Major-country Diplomacy", "Aerial China", "China's Mega Project III", and "Panda and Little Mole". Spectacular movie clips of excellent programs of members from China Pavilion, which were repeatedly played on the site, attracted great attention of participating guests. They came to China Pavilion one after another to stop to watch such movie clips, and further understood the program contents and negotiate cooperation in film distribution.  


As another feature of China Pavilion, the unique Chinese tea art became a much told story in this show. This art attracted many participating guests to taste tea and make friends at China Pavilion, and allowed them to deeply know the hospitality of Chinese people, and feel as if at home. Ingeniously combined, traditional Chinese tea culture and promotion of film and television programs complement each other to make China Pavilion more attractive.