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Another move! CITVC formally signs agreement with Porto Canal on the "China Hour" time slot

2018-06-22 10:20


On June 11th, 2018, China International Television Corporation (CITVC) signed a cooperation agreement with Porto Canal in Portugal, under which the two parties agreed to jointly open the "China Hour" time slot at Porto Canal in the form of commercial operation and broadcast excellent Chinese television programs.

At present, the first batch of programs has been confirmed. CITVC will provide Porto Canal with various types of television programs, including the documentaries “Tea”, “Porcelain Story”, “Inside China's Biggest Gala” and “The Yellow Mountain”, and TV series “Ode to Joy”. The two sides are responsible for the localized translation of the programs. These programs span the past and the present and involve a wide range of topics. They not only show the fashionable life style of contemporary Chinese people, but also highlight the vicissitudes and glory of China. Through these programs, local Portuguese audience can truthfully feel the achievements China has made in science, technology, culture and art in recent years. The opening of this period will further expand the coverage of Chinese film and television programs worldwide, and increase the international influence of China’s “soft power”.

On the signing date, Shen Jianing, the assistant president of CITVC and the general manager of the China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, and Julio Magalhaes, the director of Portugal's Porto Canal, expressed their high expectations on the period. The two sides hope that this cooperation will promote cultural exchanges between China and Portugal and make contributions to enhancing mutual understanding and deepening friendship between peoples of the two countries.