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The 15th China International Film and Television Program Exhibition Comes to a Successful End and is Acclaimed by Domestic and Foreign Exhibitors

2018-06-21 16:23


The 15th China International Film and TV Program Exhibition guided by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, sponsored by the Central Radio and TV Station, and organized by the China International Television Corporation and the China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center came to a successful end at the Beijing Exhibition Center on May 19.


With the theme of "New Era, New Accomplishments, New Chapter", the Exhibition present a full picture of the achievements made by China in terms of radio and film production, industrial development, and international cooperation since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Besides the remarkable trading achievements, this year's exhibition has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign exhibitors due to its innovative and up-to-date exhibition mode, considerate and thoughtful exhibition services, rich and colorful theme activities. 

The exhibition is acclaimed by domestic and foreign exhibitors due to its larger scale and higher popularity 

This year's exhibition has maintained its large scale. Beijing Exhibition Center with a total area of 20,000 square meters was crammed with visitors every day because of the program exhibition. 80,000 film and television works exhibited attracted approximately 8,000 men-times visitors.


The exhibitors such as Jiangsu Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Lead TV & Media, Datang Brilliant Media, Zhejiang Tianyi, and Dongfang Feiyun felt that they have harvested a lot at the exhibition and found good partners for many businesses, and the exhibition is very helpful for their business promotion. Among them, Jiangsu Administration of Radio, Film and Television created a precedent for the "government setting up stage and enterprises perform on the stage", more than 20 enterprises in the Jiangsu exhibition area reached cooperation intentions with more than 30 Chinese and foreign media with the transaction amount expected to exceed 300 million yuan; Lead TV & Media formed an intention of contract signing for its films and television dramas represented by the grand drama that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up during the exhibition, and found a number of partners for its film and television works; Datang Brilliant Media formed the intention of contract signing for its two new projects being launched, and its new projects under preparation also drew attention of the exhibitors and media. 

The Health Culture Promotion Platform of the National Health Commission that was invited for the first time to the exhibition also achieved remarkable results. It is revealed that more than 100 guests from more than a dozen countries visited the booth of the Health Culture Promotion Platform during the three days. The major health cartoon series "The Secret of a Floating Island"  received an investment intention amounting 25 million yuan. The large series 3D animation documentary "Life" also received the olive branches of the CCTV documentary channel and various local TV and documentary channels.


Not only did the major domestic exhibitors actively and enthusiastically participate in the exhibition, but exhibitors from abroad expressed their appreciation for the program exhibition as well. The guest from the Gwangju Cultural and Creative Content Booth said, "I am very happy to attend the exhibition and hopes to continue maintaining the partnership in the next term. We also welcome the organizers to attend the exhibition in Gwangju, South Korea." The guest from the Sri Lankan Embassy in China said, "This year's exhibition is very impressive. I have harvested a lot and hope there will be more exchange opportunities in the future." The guests from the Philippine Embassy in China not only thanked the organizers for the invitation, but also expressed their interest in the forums on the latest topics in the Chinese film and television industry held during the exhibition. Overseas exhibitors from other countries' embassies in China, Cuban Radio, Film and Television Commission and China-Canada International Film Festival also expressed that they have had in-depth exchanges with many Chinese film and television production companies this year. This exhibition is a very good platform for exchange with Chinese film and television companies. They hoped to continue participating in the exhibition next year. 

Film and television "black technologies" unveiled attract exhibitors to experience 

The VR and Game Interactive Experience Area, which was set up for the first time this year, has become one of the most popular areas for the visitors. VR games, VR film and television works, AR polar bears and other high-tech film and television means made the area the most fashionable place of this exhibition.


Among them, CITVC's VR project "Walking in China" series became a highlight. A large number of visitors were attracted by its sophisticated production and vivid interactive experience. The exhibitor Shuangcheng Technology from the VR Area said that there were so many visitors coming to their booth to experience that they seldom had chance to go to other booths to have a look. Pico, an equipment sponsor of the VR area, also stated that the cooperation with the exhibition was very enjoyable and helpful for their product promotion and they hoped to continue cooperating with the exhibition and would start preparing for the exhibition next year as soon as possible. 


State Production Base of China Film Group set up a small green screen studio in the exhibition area this year to showcase the "China Film Fairyland" virtual motion capture technology, which attracted the attention of many exhibitors and media. The guest from the China Film Base said, "We harvested a lot at the exhibition. The AI image repair technology promoted by us attracted a large number of TV stations to consult. Because they are all professionals and can understand the technology at a glance, the exhibition is really helpful for promoting this technology in the future."

"Silk Road Media Community" Area promotes deeper cooperation along the Belt and Road 

The "Silk Road Media Community" initiated by CITVC also set up a special area at the program exhibition this year to demonstrate the fruitful achievements made by the "Belt and Road" countries in cooperation in film and television under promotion of the Community. 


Representatives of Xi'an Radio and TV Station at home and Argentina national radio and television station abroad gave high praise to the community's participation in the exhibition and believed that the exhibition would have a positive role in promoting the "Belt and Road" strategic cooperation.

Dove Media from Great Britain commented, "The design of Community's booth is very special and novel, and the content is very comprehensive. The themes of the film and television programs exhibited are well combined with the 'Belt and Road' strategic vision and these works are bound to receive international recognition and attention." The cultural adviser from the Bahamas Embassy in China also stated, "The Community's initiative has provided us with inspiration and given us intention to cooperate on the training on documentary and film production." 

Special Area of "Film and TV Import and Export Association" attracts a lot of fans 

In November 2017, CITVC initiated the "Film and TV Import and Export Association". During the exhibition, the FTIEA achieved remarkable results. 

During the exhibition, "The Road to Internationalization of Chinese Film and Television - The FTIEA Series Activities" planned the future work deployment of the FTIEA. Beijing Culture, Haining Film and Television Base, Hangzhou International Animation Festival, etc. joined the FTIEA and the signing ceremony was held for several projects among the FTIEA members. At this point, the number of members of FTIEA has reached 53. At the end of the exhibition, Teledifusão de Macau, Beijing BTV Media and other companies expressed their desire to join the FTIEA.


Ma Zhongjun, president and CEO of Ciwen Media Co., Ltd., Hou Hongliang, president of Daylight Entertainment and other representatives of domestic film and television companies also spoke highly of the FTIEA during the exhibition. They stated that "CITVC, the initiator and president unit of the FTIEA, is the "national team" with the most abundant experience in overseas distribution of film and television dramas which no other domestic company can compare with. Under the leadership of CITVC, the FTIEA will certainly be able to push China's film and television industry to achieve greater success overseas."


Charles Hirschhorn from AEG said that he was very impressed by the China International Film & TV Program Exhibition. "Especially the activities of the "Film and TV Import and Export Association" are very good. I hope that the FTIEA can organize more communication activities among counterparts in China and other countries and I also hope that the program exhibition can be held in Los Angeles, London, and Paris in the future." 

In addition, the "Power of Data" forum, the TV Drama Creation Forum and the release of the Film and TV Drama Blue Book Release Activity held during the exhibition also received much attention. A number of industry experts discussed the status quo of the film and television industry on the same platform and provide advice and suggestions for the future development of the industry. Although the 15th China International Film and Television Program Exhibition came to an end, these tangible achievements and intangible wealth will have a far-reaching impact in the future development of China's film and television industry.