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"China Pavilion" of China International Television Corporation Makes Debut at the China International Film & TV Program Exhibition

2018-06-21 16:04


From May 17th-19th, the 15th China International Film and TV Program Exhibition guided by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT), sponsored by the Central Radio and TV Station (CRTS), and organized by the China International Television Corporation (CITVC) and the China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center was grandly held at the Beijing Exhibition Center. At the exhibition, CITVC launched the "China Pavilion" together with 10 companies, including the China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, ZOSE International, CTV Media, CCTV Animation, CCTV Documentary, CCTV Creative Media, CSM, CTR, CEHT, China Digital Media, etc. The achievements of the CITVC in various items such as TV dramas, documentaries, variety shows, cartoons, and international cooperative shooting were comprehensively displayed. 

A large number of excellent programs are launched and great achievements made in overseas business

The high quality programs displayed on this exhibition were invested and released by the CITVC, and were in various forms such as TV dramas, documentaries, cartoons and many more. Among them, there were the documentaries "Smart Life", "The Third Pole", "Great Wall" (International Edition), "Long March" (International Edition), TV series "The People's Own Army", "New Horizon", "Too good to be married", and VR works "Walking in China" and so on. 

As one of the most powerful media groups in China, CITVC has a wealth of programming resources. It is learnt that the programs currently sold by the CITVC are effectively broadcast in more than 200 countries and regions. Each year, more than 20,000 hours of television dramas, documentaries, cartoons, variety shows and special programs are sold overseas. In recent years, the CITVC is also committed to building localized channels and time slots for Chinese TV programs overseas and shifting from "selling programs" to "building channels" and "opening slots". Currently, the number of localized channels and time slots has been increased to 10, including Indonesia, Cambodia, South Africa, UAE, Czech Republic, Nepal, United Kingdom, and Russia.

In addition to the traditional television channels, the CITVC has established a wide range of stable and diversified cooperation relationships with new overseas media platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Viki, and Dramafever in recent years. The new media promotion has covered over 200 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania where Internet service access is available.


Create the matrix of CCTV Animation, CCTV Creative Media and CCTV Documentary and build the birth base of China's original and good works

CCTV Animation, CCTV Creative Media and CCTV Documentary, the three companies that form a matrix of the CITVC, have created a variety of quality programs covering a variety of film and television themes and forms in the past year, and have become an important new force for China's original and good works.

CCTV Creative Media brought "Impossible Challenge", "Cheers Science", "Happy Chinese", "Readers" and other other well-known variety shows, CCTV Documentary focus on the field of documentaries and displayed excellent documentaries such as "Return to the Woods" , "Innovating China" and "Aerial China". CCTV Animation has created a series of animation works such as "The Big Head Son and Small Head Father (New)" series, "Marshmallow and Cloud Mum"  series, and "Panda and Little Mole". At the exhibition site, the cute figures posing as big head son and small head father also attracted leaders, guests and many visitors to take photos.


New media, new technology and new means boost media integration 

Other participants of this year's exhibition include CSM and CTR, ZOSE International, CTV Media, CEHT, and China Digital Media. All these companies have demonstrated the advanced ideas, innovative methods and outstanding cases created in their service for the integrative development of media and film and TV programs research in China. 

Among them, CSM set up an interactive exhibition platform for the CSM-Huan real-time viewing system on the spot, which innovatively integrated massive amounts of viewing data with sampling data in real time so that the exhibitors can obtain the viewing data of different programs in different channels in real time through the mobile terminals provided by the booth, and realize the "personalization" of the returned data. CTR is committed to combining China's local experience with global advanced technologies. Through continuous surveys and customized special studies, it provides comprehensive interpretation of trends and market insights with high added value, such as 360° marketing communication monitoring, consumer purchase and use behavior measurement. 

CTV Media's business covers the three main business segments of "film and television, tourism, and advertising". In addition to the fine works of film and television dramas and documentaries produced and operated by the company, it also promoted the company's Wuxi Film and Television Base and Nanhai Film and Television City and other film and television shooting base development and management projects. ZOSE International mainly exhibited the China TV Great Wall platform operated by the company. The Great Wall platform provides high-level and diversified Chinese-language TV services to users around the world. According to reports, there are currently more than 45 million households effectively covered all over the world. 

In addition, CEHT demonstrated its CCTV Weishi client software project. CCTV Weishi is official social TV interactive client software of CCTV. As a bridge of big and small screens, CCTV Weishi has built a convergence media platform of the new era with new technologies such as multi-screen linkage, on-demand programming, and high-definition broadcast. The achievements of China Digital Media in the integrated operation of paid TV also appeared in the joint exhibition area. 

The CITVC, which seeks innovation with high-quality content and development with cutting-edge technology, will attend the exhibition together with ten other companies. In the new era of media convergence and development, it will continuously build consensus, expand areas of cooperation, bring into play the assembly effect and achieve leapfrog development.