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The “remain true to our original aspiration, live up to youth, and strive to be the new youth of the new era” League Day Activity was held successfully

2018-06-12 13:41


        In order to actively guide the league members and the youth to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and to educate the league members and the youth to firmly uphold their ideals and beliefs and arm their minds with the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping in the new era, on May 28, the company's Youth League branch organized the “remain true to our original aspiration live up to youth, and strive to be the new youth of the new era” League Day activity.



The League Day activity was held in the form of prize contest with the theme of "Localization of Marxist in China". The on-site atmosphere was lively and the league members actively and enthusiastically participated in the activity. After the fierce competition in the basic answer and preemptive answer, the top three winners of the prize contest were finally born.  Shen Jianing, the General Manager of the company, personally presented prizes to the winning team and pointed out that all league members and youth should take this activity as an opportunity to strengthen the study of theoretical knowledge, improve the Marxism theory accomplishment, explore and innovate, be aggressive, and shoulder the historical mission entrusted by the era to the youth.





In the subsequent exchange and discussion, the league members and the youth expressed that they would remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind in their future work. They would consciously hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and make unremitting efforts for the development of the company's film and television program marketing cause and the dissemination of China's excellent civilization.