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“China Pavilion Stand” Took on a New Look at the MIPTV

2018-04-16 13:29


“China Pavilion Stand" undertaken by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film & Television Program Exchanging Center has been on show at the MIPTV since April 9.


China Pavilion Stand first participated in the MIPTV as a whole in 2004 and our corporation has been undertaking the organizing affairs. In recent years, under the strong support of State Council Information Office and the State Administration of Radio and Television, China Pavilion Stand has rapidly grown into a business card for the foreign exchange of Chinese film and television culture, playing an important role in promoting the growth of cultural trade and enhancing cultural exchanges as well as emotional communication. The appearance of “China Pavilion” has been considered as an important assessment indicator by major film and TV festivals and exhibitions in the world. The chairman of the MIPTV Organizing Committee also paid a special visit to China Pavilion and conducted in-depth exchanges with members of the Chinese delegation.


Thirty-four Chinese film and television companies jointly exhibited and brought nearly ten thousand episodes of classic programs, including more than 200 brand new programs (102 TV series, 17 variety shows, 15 models, 13 documentaries, 38 cartoons and 10 movies), which is of the largest scale in recent years.

This year, the corporation comprehensively transformed and upgraded the presentation mode of China Pavilion Stand by fully emancipating the mind and boldly making attempts. Taking the promotion of “Chinese programs” rather than merely “exhibited programs” as the primary principle, it focused on works that best reflected the production level of Chinese film and television industry and that showed the contemporary spirit of China. Since the MIPTV this year, it will strengthen the guidance for the “going out” of Chinese film and television programs through discussion with and registration of customers, and statistical analysis of sales data, so as to establish a database for China Pavilion, thus providing data support for future film and television programs accessing to the international market in a sizable and systematical means.


In addition, the tea art performance will become a "normal" element of China Pavilion Stand since this year. Through the perfect combination of traditional Chinese culture with the promotion of film and television programs, China Pavilion Stand will attract more attention.