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“Film and Television Promotion Program” Achieved Marked Results at the MIPTV

2018-04-16 13:16



On the morning of April 9 local time, the “Film and Television Promotion Program” undertaken by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film & Television Program Exchanging Center was officially opened in Palais des Festivals, Cannes. China Pavilion brought nearly ten thousand episodes of Chinese programs, among which 15 quality programs were highlighted, including documentaries Aerial China, Every Treasure Tells a Story, China’s Mega Projects III, the TV series The Courtyard, the cartoon Panda and Little Mole and the original mode The National Greatest Treasuries produced by our corporation. There were over 30 overseas media on the site and it attracted more than 200 exhibitors and program purchases from various countries.

(On-site Promotion by Ms. Shen Jianing)

(On-site Promotion by Ms. Shen Jianing)

The China Film and Television Promotion Program has appeared at several international festivals and exhibitions. On the basis of summing up the experience of previous promotion programs, the corporation tried a new form this year, transforming the “equalitarianism” in the past where exhibitors took turns to promote programs into an organic integrity through the promotion of Ms. Shen Jianing, general manager of the corporation. All the programs, which were divided into such four modules as documentary, TV series, cartoon and mode, were presented to the audience in an logistic and hierarchical means. According to the practice of large-scale international festivals and exhibitions, all the activities independently organized by exhibitors must be ended within half an hour. As a result, this year’s method maximized the value of “Golden Half-hour” by making full use of the time for program presentation.

After the promotion conference, many production agencies from other countries came to our pavilion, saying that they participated in the China Film and Television Promotion Program which is “great” and thought it was in a very good form, allowing the audience to understand the overall production level of Chinese programs.