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Chinese Films and Televisions Made Debut on Brazil TV Festival Rio Content Market Exhibition

2018-04-13 09:28


    On April 4 by local time, the Brazil TV Festival Rio Content Market Exhibition was officially opened at the City Art Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. China International Television Corporation, which is affiliated with China Administration of Radio and Television, made its debut on the most influential professional TV festival in Latin America as the first Chinese media organization. It focused on the promotion of nearly one hundred well-selected Chinese film and television programs, including nearly 400 hours of Speech dubbing programs. Full-length documentaries such as "China's Mega Projects" and "A Bite of China", 4K documentaries such as "Aerial China" and "The River From Heaven — The Yarlung Zangbo River", TV series such as "Ode To Joy", "Chinese Style Relationship", "The Advisors Alliance" and "Princess Agents”, cartoons such as "The Adventures of Little Carp" and "Panda and Little Mole”, the large-scale cultural program "National Treasure”, the variety show "Impossible Challenge", excellent columns of CGTN Spanish channel and other programs attracted wide attention of purchaser from the globe including Latin America and North America. It reached program distribution agreements or intention with media agencies in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and other countries on the site, marking the official entry of Chinese film and TV programs into the Latin American programming market.

    At the exhibition, the delegation also met with Ms. Esmirada, head of the Organizing Committee of Brazil TV Festival, and introduced the "China International Film & TV Program Exhibition" to be held in May and the “Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum” to be held in September in Beijing. The Organizing Committee expressed the thanks to Chinese national media for its first participation in the Brazil TV Festival and its presentation of wonderful and fresh Chinese programs for the Latin American market.

    Brazil TV Festival Rio Content Market Exhibition has been successfully held for seven years, drawing the participation of totally more than thirty thousand professionals from the film and television industry. The exhibitors come from 36 countries and regions including Latin America, covering over 300 broadcasters and digital media platforms. Expanding from film and television to the creative industry, this exhibition combined audio-visual content with music and new technologies and attracted the participation of more new media, music producers and technology companies.

    As the national team for the "going out" of Chinese film and television programs, China International Television Corporation under China Administration of Radio and Television publishes more than 20,000 hours of various Chinese film and television programs overseas. It is the most powerful and largest domestic distributors to publish TV programs overseas.