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Chinese Style Relationship Gets Popular in the Middle East

2018-03-01 14:45

Recently, the Arabic dubbing version of Chinese Style Relationship, which is produced by China International Television Corporation, has hit the Middle East Facebook and YouTube platform. The Arabic version of the drama is dubbed in Jordan using Arabic standard language, which makes it close to the language habits of local audience.


In addition to the high standard of dubbing, the elements showed in this drama, including family trifles, life stress, love and family affection, have also had a wide range of resonance in the Middle East countries, causing the viewing and ratings a spurt of growth.

Till January 26, 2018, the two platforms simultaneously have posted 18 episodes of Chinese Style Relationship (36 episodes in total), of which the number of independent visitors on Facebook has achieved 17.5 million, the video has been viewed nearly 4.1 million times, viewing time has achieved more than 1.53 million minutes, and interactions, including like, forward, comments etc, has reached over 120,000 times. The YouTube platform has had a total viewing time of 2.1 million minutes and a total of over 420,000 video views. The two platforms directly attract more than 200,000 new fans.

Congratulations on the success of Chinese Style Relationship!