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China International Television Corporation’s In-depth Development of the American Market Has Achieved Remarkable Results

2018-01-30 09:26

From January 16 to January 18, China International Television Corporation organized a delegation to participate in the NATPE Television Festival in the United States, to negotiate and cooperate with more than 30 film and television agencies from North America, Latin America and Europe, and reached contracts worth the value of 300,000 USD. The in-depth development of the Americas market achieved positive results.

First, program marketing achieved breakthroughs. The contract regarding the key promotion program Princess Agents were signed up on the spot. The Spanish dubbing version of the drama will be successively showed in the state TV of Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru and Mexico this year. A cooperative intention about the Spring Festival Gala in China series was reached and the series will be broadcasted in the United States during the Spring Festival. Chinese TV programs such as TV series GROWLING TIGER, ROARING DRAGON, and Gentlemen; 4K Documentary Aerial China; variety shows like National Treasure and Challenge the Impossible 3 were widely recognized and praised by customers and reached a cooperative intention.

Second, the plan is to develop new clients from the television and new media organizations of foreign countries such as Peru, Argentina, the United States, Canada and Mexico, and to actively explore the new development trends regarding 4K and VR programming and marketing in the Americas. Third, the “Belt and Road Media Community” summit forum, the “Golden Ribbon” Short Video Asia Co-production Project and the “Golden Ribbon” Outstanding Short Video Program Selection Activity have attracted the attention of American media agencies. During the upcoming 2018 Spring Festival, the first community simulcasting activity is also expected to attract the attention of many potential member institutions.