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Urban Play “Too Good to Be Married” Co-produced by the Headquarter to Shoot

2017-12-25 13:47



On December 18, the urban fashion love drama “Too Good to Be Married” started to be filmed. Produced by Inlook Media, Huamei Shikong Media, and co-produced by Perfect World Pictures, China International Television Corporation, Beijing Junchuang Mutual Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Film Group, the play makes an in-depth exploration about social phenomena of “no marriage” chosen by various contemporary urban women, and present and explain this new concept of love and marriage from all-round and multiple perspectives. Through a plot more fitting life, it shows a positive attitude toward life as well as choice of love and marriage, thus enabling the modern young people to resonate emotionally and raising social discussions.

“Too Good to Be Married” is another cooperation between gold partners, the producer Teng Huatao and the director Lin Yan, following “Dwelling Narrowness”, “Naked Marriage Age”, “My! Physical Education Teacher” and other TV series with hot topics. The original author Free Aurora will become the screenwriter, which gives a shot in the arm for original fans.



In terms of the cast, the play is starring Tong Liya and Zhang Liang. The handsome and pIn terms of the cast, the play is starring Tong Liya and Zhang Liang. The handsome and pretty couple will undoubtedly become a splendid landscape on the TV screen of 2018. In addition, other capable actors such as Wang Gongliang, Xu Fangyi and Chen Hao are also invited to join “Too Good to Be Married”.

Adapted from a novel of the same name, the play tells the story of an independent and capable white-collar He Daye (acted by Tong Liya) whose boyfriend Luo Chang (acted by Wang Gongliang) runs away from the wedding. Then, He Daye chooses the pursuit of career success, believing that women themselves are more reliable than marriage and men. However, He Daye briefly encountered the outdated model Zhang Meng (acted by Zhang Liang) with a bad start. Zhang Meng is a gentle and responsible person, which gives her a full sense of security…

So far, the TV series has been filmed in Shanghai which will continue to the next year. Excellent production team and the cast list with both capability and good appearance will contribute to the most anticipated urban fashion love drama in 2018.