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2017 Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum was Held in Beijing

2017-12-22 09:48



On the Silk Road, we share a common destiny. During December 14 - 15, 2017 Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum was held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. The theme of the Forum is “Integrated Innovation & Win-win Development”. The forum aims to promote professional cooperation in the film and television field among the countries along the “Belt and Road” and to further enhance the international influence of the “Belt and Road Media Community” (“Community”). More than 100 TV media professionals from over 50 countries and regions in five continents attended the Forum.

In August 2016, with the deepening promotion of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, China Central Television (CCTV) and China International Television Corporation jointly launched “Belt and Road Media Community” (“Community”) with a number of international medias. The Community has grown from 41 member institutions of 29 countries and regions to 85 members and partners of 47 countries and regions. Among them, ABU and AIBD have officially become supporting partners of the Community, the partner of Silk Road International Television. In more than a year, the Community has quickly become a strong platform for cultural exchanges in the film and television field among countries along the Silk Road.



The Forum is held under the guidance of SAPPRFT, the Department of International Cooperation, hosted by CCTV and China International Television Corporation, and presented by China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center. The activities include the Summit, the launch of international cooperation projects, “media convergence” and “international co-production” sub-forums, the promotion of community members, and the awarding of “Golden Ribbon” outstanding television programs.

In the activity, eight agencies such as Kazakhstan Channel 31 signed a contract to join the Community; in addition, projects like the joint production of “Golden Ribbon” short video, ASEAN Information Port and the signing ceremony of drama “ORIGIN” were also held; Michael Aldridge, the Deputy Director of South Africa Cape Town Television, serving as the representative of Minister of Culture, Western Cape Province, South Africa, presented “2017 South African Cultural Golden Key Certificate of Recognition ” to the China International Television Corporation.

The Summit Forum attracts guests. On the morning of December 14, 2017 Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum was held. Tong Gang, Deputy Director of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China, made an opening speech. Wei Dichun, Deputy Director of CCTV, and Xue Jijun, Chairman and President of China International Television Corporation, attended the Forum and made a speech. Javad, Secretary General of the Asian Broadcasting Union, delivered a video speech. The Forum summed up the main work of the Community over the past year and its future development plan, and presented a wonderful keynote speech.



Sub-forums further discussed and explored. On the afternoon of December 14, the sub-forums of “integrated development” and “international co-production” were held one after another. At present, the pattern of international communication under the background of media convergence is experiencing a profound transformation. How to enhance the influence of competitiveness in the course of integration and development is a problem encountered by the media in the world. To this end, the “integrated development” sub-forum invited six Chinese and foreign guests from the industry and academia to jointly discussed and made concerted efforts to solve the integration problem we all met.

The following “international co-production” sub-forum also focused on the hot spots. International co-production can be described as one of the hottest topics in the industry both at home and abroad. It has injected a powerful force into the film industry. How to treat the impact of cultural differences on international co-production? How to view the future prospects of international co-production? On the issues of general concerns, eight guests with rich experience in the field of international co-production expressed their opinions at the Forum.

Members Promotion Day told more. After more than a year of development, the “Belt and Road Media Community” has grown to 85 cooperative members and partners from 47 countries and regions. In order to enhance the interconnection and mutual co-operation among members, the organizers sets December 15 as the Members Promotion Day. More than 10 member institutions, such as INFORMATION TV of UK, Cape Town Television of South Africa, KEDD Animation Company of Hungary and Natural History Channel of New Zealand, introduced their products according to the characteristics and contents of their countries respectively.

As the world’s first international film and television media association with “Silk Road” as the link, the Belt and Road Media Community has been established for more than a year. It upholds the principle of “peaceful cooperation, open and inclusive, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation”, and provides plenty of exchange opportunities for member units in international co-productions, program simulations, program evaluation, joint channels and information sharing, and has quickly become a powerful new platform for the film and television cultural exchanges of countries along the Silk Road. The summit forum will further close the member institutions and promote more cooperation, opening up a completely new page to the work of the “Belt and Road Media Community”.

Strong response from all walks of life. The people from all walks of life who participated in this event conducted in-depth discussions on the future of international cooperation of the Community and carried out analysis and judgment according to their own conditions and the general trend of international cooperation.



Wayne Garvie, President of Sony Pictures, Television international Business Department

In this forum, Wayne Garvie, President of Sony Pictures, Television international Business Department, signed a cooperation agreement with China International Television Corporation on the drama ORIGIN.

Wayne Gowen said that ORIGIN is a highly anticipated and exciting science fiction drama produced by China, the United States and the United Kingdom. He stressed that “this is an unprecedented cooperation.” He also disclosed that “ORIGIN” is a science fiction story written by British writers about a series of stories taking place on a multicultural spacecraft.

The continuous heating up of film and television international co-production cannot be done without the promotion of economic globalization. Economic globalization has not only promoted the flow of goods and capital, but also promoted the exchanges among peoples. Wayne Gaowen felt the same way deeply: “I was particularly surprised when I was in Beijing to attend the forum and found the person sitting next to me is actually my friend from London. Globalization makes the world seem to become a global village.” When people get together, they can exchange views, discuss projects, discuss cooperation and build friendship.

 “Connecting hearts” is one of the key cooperation directions of the “Belt and Road”. Wayne Gauvin believes that film and television cooperation has entered a new era. “The new era needs to tell great stories and help people increase their understanding and promote mutual trust so as to enhance mutual trust.” As an international company, Sony Pictures hopes to integrate cultures from all over the world.

Wayne Gowen is very bullish on the future development of international film and television. He said he is very happy to tell the story about China with a long history and a great culture to audience all around the world. “Because the audience wants to listen to stories, and China has a lot of good stories.” He described himself as a “bridge builder” and expressed the hope that along with excellent Chinese TV professionals, he would promote mutual understanding and promote the connection between people’s hearts among people in different countries, building blocks for the “community of human destiny.”


Bojan Brkic, Deputy Chief Editor of Serbia Radio and Television

Bojan Brkic, Deputy Chief Editor of Serbia Radio and Television, said Serbian Radio & Television’s “China Time” has started broadcasting in February 2017 in China. The viewing and broadcasting results far exceeded expectations and has now become the second largest TV station in Serbia, ranking in the forefront of Serbian TV ratings list. He said that in Serbia, China is the only country that has its own time slot in programming.

Mr. Brkic said that in cooperation with China International Television Corporation, eight large-scaled Chinese documentaries have been broadcasted on Serbian Radio and Television Station. As the television station with the highest ratings, the broadcast of Chinese documentaries provided the Serbs with a platform to learn about China and let them know what is happening in China today. “The Serbs have always been very interested in China, so we want to bring the Chinese story to the Serbian audience,” he said.

The Chinese programs broadcasting in Serbia not only welcomed by the audience, but also benefited media professionals in Serbia. “As a professional, we can understand the development of China’s television industry and learn about the new business model and media cooperation model through the cooperation of the ‘Community’.” Mr. Brkic said that through the internal exchange and cooperation among the Community, the Serbian media can understand that China’s development in the new media and other media industries, and then passed the new knowledge to Serbian colleagues. “Some of them have been put into practice in Serbia.”

When talking about the future cooperation, Mr. Brkic said that Serbian Radio and Television Station hopes to further expand its cooperation with members of the “Community” and hopes more institutions can join media cooperation between China and Serbia in program production, financing and exchange so as to achieve joint development. At the same time, he hopes to cooperate with more Chinese members of the “Community” to produce outstanding television programs that conform to the Chinese audience’s watching habits and aesthetic qualities and bring them to China so as to share the best of Serbia with the Chinese audience.



Apart from professionals, this Forum has also attracted wide attention in the society. Xinwen Lianbo, China News, Oriental Horizon, and Focus On all reported the event; Xinhua News Agency published an article titled as The Number of Members and Partners of Belt and Road Media Community have reached 85; In addition, iQIYI, Yingshi Dushe, Guangdianshiping, and cm-dayan and other major media platforms also made detailed report on the event.