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Serbia and China Deepened “China Hour” Cooperation

2017-08-29 15:42

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        On June 23 (local time), the delegation of China International Television Corporation visited the Servia RTS and deepened cooperation with Ms. Ivana, deputy general manager of RTS and deputy editor-in chief. The Serbia side introduced that since the “China Hour” program was established on February 6, 2017, the audience rating and broadcast effect had gone far beyond expectation, with an average of 250,000 viewers per week and the highest number of audience reaching up to 288,000, ranking the forefront in the Serbian TV Viewing List. The two sides exchanged views on the type, topic and translation of “China Hour” in the future, and further explored program and cooperation mode in the next step. The delegation said that Serbia’s “China Hour” had become a model of cooperation among members of the Belt and Road Media Community, and the two sides should further deepen their cooperation and strive to expand the broadcast effect of “China Hour” and enhance cultural exchanges between people of the two countries. The delegation introduced the development achievements of the Community in the past year, invited the RTS to send programs to participate in the Evaluation for “Golden Ribbon” Excellent TV Programs, and also visited the Belt and Road Media Community Studio specially set up by the RTS TV.
The delegation had also visited the Chinese Embassy in Serbia earlier. Cultural Counselor of the Embassy said that the media exchange results achieved by President Xi Jinping during his visit of Serbia in 2016 was implemented in a proper way when “China Hour” was launched in the prime time of the Serbia State TV. He encouraged the head office to expand cooperation with more local television media of Serbia and further expand the influence of Chinese culture in Serbia.