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Promotion Conference for Chinese Film and Television Programs Appeared in the Hungarian NATPE 17 Festival

2017-08-29 15:41



     On June 21, 2017, the “Promotion Conference of Chinese Film and Television Programs” sponsored by State Council Information Office and State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and co-hosted by China International Television Corporation/China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center was held in the Hungarian NATPE 17 TV Festival. A large number of translated and selected Chinese film and television programs were displayed in a the festival. These programs were popular in the international market including Central and Eastern Europe, and multiple international cooperation project represented by the “Belt and Road Media Community” attracted wide attention of the international media.
On the promotion conference, Tang Shiding, vice president of China International Television Corporation, introduced extensive cooperation achievements regarding channel co-operation, TV program simulcast and international co-production since its establishment in August 2016. He declared the official launch of Evaluation for “Golden Ribbon” Excellent Television Programs and invited international media to participate in the “Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum 2017” to be held in Beijing in December this year, receiving positive responses from the participated media. A Hungarian animation company named KEDD signed the Memorandum of the “Belt and Road Media Community”, becoming the first Community member in Hungary. After the conference, Tang Shiding, vice president of China International Television Corporation, and Mr. Geza Szocs, chief cultural adviser of Hungarian Prime Minister, made a friendly discussion in terms of opening China program time in Hungarian mainstream media and both parties said they would carry out positive cooperation to realize the broadcasting as soon as possible.

        Exhibitors of China Joint Booth including China International Television Corporation, Shanghai Wu’an Communication Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and Zhejiang Zoland Animation brought a variety of boutique film and television shows for recommendation in the promotion conference. China International Television Corporation made key recommendations of the Hungarian version of The Belt and Road, Aerial China and Panda and Little Mole, Shanghai Wu’an Communication Co., Ltd. recommended Maritime Silk Road, Go Fighting II and Endangered Species of China, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation introduced Magic Olympic, Super Team and I Never Know That Bout China, and Zhejiang Zoland Animation suggested Magic Wonderland, A Tale From the Orient, Rubi and others splendid programs, which attracted the attention of many guests. After the promotion conference, numerous customers come to the China’s Joint Booth to further learn details of the programs and discuss cooperation of distribution.