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The Corporation Organized China Joint Booth to Participate in the Hungarian NATPE 17 Festival

2017-08-29 15:37




        From June 20 to 23, China International Television Corporation/China Radio, Film& Television Programs Exchange Center organized China Joint Booth to participate in the Hungarian NATPE 17 TV Festival. It successfully held the Promotion Conference for Chinese Film and Television Programs and negotiated with more than 50 TV media institutions from over 30 countries and regions such as Hungary, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States, Greece and Germany, achieving a series of marketing results.
The exhibitors of China Joint Booth include China International Television Corporation, Shanghai Wu’an Communication Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and Zhejiang Zoland Animation. The four media institutions prepared a variety of boutique film and television shows for recommendation, including Maritime Silk Road and Go Fighting II of Shanghai Wu’an Communication Co., Magic Olympic and Super Team of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Magic Wonderland, A Tale From the Orient and others of Zhejiang Zoland Animation, which attracted the attention of many guests.
To participate in the TV Festival, China International Television Corporation prepared 2,000 hours of TV drama series, documentaries, cantons and other TV programs, among which nearly 1,500-hour programs were translated into nearly 30 languages including English, French, Arabic, German and Spanish. It made key recommendations of excellent documentaries such as China's Mega Projects II, 4K version of Aerial China and Forces of Nature, TV drama series such as Union of Military Counselors and The Qin Empire, as well as high-quality cartons such as Panda and Little Mole and Cotton Candy and Cloud Mom, attracting extensive attention from international media. Multiple media had showed strong cooperation intention. It also reached intention of contract-signing with the Italian RAI National TV, the Europe Discovery Channel, Greece ERT3 and other broadcast institutions for such programs as documentaries of China's Mega Projects II and Forces of Nature as well as TV drama series Union of Military Counselors and Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy.
The Hungarian NATPE 17 TV Festival is the largest television festival in Eastern Europe, attracting more than 800 media representatives and 500 exhibitors from over 80 countries each year. Since 2007, China International Television Corporation has participated in the TV Festival for ten consecutive years.