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The Corporation Deployed the Film and Television Program Marketing of 2017

2017-08-29 15:33






        On May 19, 2017, China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center/Program Department of China International Television Corporation held the 2017 Operation Work Conference to study and deploy key points of film and television marketing of the whole year. General Manager Shen Jianing stressed that we should, in accordance with the strategic deployment of the Corporation, focus on export-oriented and market-oriented development and vigorously improve the original capacity based on the positioning of content company and international company; actively play the main force role in the international cultural exchanges, improve cooperation level, expand international market, introduce outstanding foreign cultural products and take advantage of TV festivals and exhibitions to expand the influence of Chinese culture; have the courage to open up derivative products, new media, project development and other new business areas, so as to achieve steady growth of income and profits; strengthen team building to form an atmosphere of encouraging business and start-ups; promote innovative thinking and achieve sustainable development of the corporation. The corporation and operating divisions signed the 2017 Liability Statement of OperationTasks on the conference.