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Overseas Promotion of Chinese Poetry Congress Achieved Partial Results

2017-08-29 15:22

        The overseas promotion of the CCTV cultural program Chinese Poetry Congress by China International Television Corporation/China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center has achieved partial results and it will be broadcasted in Singtel and 8TV&NTV7 respectively in Singapore and Malaysia this year. Chinese Poetry Congress will make its debut during 19:00-21:00 on the evening of July 17 (Saturday) on the Mio TV under Singtel; the 8TV&NTV7 in Malaysia will broadcast Malay versions of Chinese Poetry Congress, Chinese Idiom Congress and CCTV Family Humor Contest, to bring “Chinese culture feast” for the local audience. The corporation will continue to enhance the promotion of the CCTV excellent cultural programs such as Chinese Poetry Congress, Chinese Idiom Congress and Chinese Riddle Congress in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, so as to attract more attention to the traditional Chinese culture and to constantly expand the coverage and international influence of Chinese outstanding film and television programs.