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Participating Singapore Television Festival and achieved fruitful result

2017-02-07 15:32

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        From December 5 to 10, China International Television Corporation / China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center participated in the 17th Singapore Television Festival and achieved a series of marketing results. In the aspect of program marketing, we met more than 50 film and television organizations from more than 20 countries and regions. The TV series of "Union of Military Counselors", "Sea Mu Yun", "Stay with Me" "Cities Still Believe in Love", the documentary of "The Belt and Road", "Chinese New Year" and "The Power of Nature”, the cartoon of "Panda and Little Mole" and "New Zebra Finch" as well as other programs gained market recognition and customers' positive feedback. In the aspect of international cooperation, we held in-depth discussions with RTM TV of Malaysia on the co-production of the program of "China Hour" in 2017 and also talked about the launching plan of "The Belt and Road" as well as "Chinese New Year". Besides, we also communicated with Vietnam's Saigon Cable TV (SCTV)  in this year on the re-broadcasting of the channel of "Chinese Television series". In addition, we also visited Nickelodeo, discussed the co-shooting of CCTV's animation-"Panda +". We explored the possibility of broadcast our cartoons in this channel and invited Nickelodeo to join the Belt and Road Media Community.