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The "Promotion conference of Chinese film and television programs" helped China-Arab film and television cooperation

2017-02-07 15:27

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In the morning of November 15, 2016, the Promotion Conference of Chinese Film and Television Programs in Dubai Television Festival sponsored by the Information Office of the State Council and SARFT was held in Dubai of United Arab Emirates.
 Zhou Jihong, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department of SARFT, made three suggestions in her speech, namely, "being a story teller of the Silk Road, a practitioner of interconnection and a beneficiary of win-win cooperation.

As the sponsor of this promotion, China International Television Corporation, China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center promoted excellent Arabic translation programs to the media in Arab regions, including the TV series of "Life Revelation" and the documentary of "The Belt and Road" and "Water Pulse", and invited these media to join the "Belt and Road Media Community" which was established in August of this year and develop cooperation in the area of managing overseas localized time slots and channels, carrying out reciprocal transactions among programs, organizing international cooperation in shooting, co-broadcasting of film and television programs and resource sharing.

Li Bingbing, Consul General of China to Dubai; Ling Li, deputy director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs of the State Council's Information Office; CCTV+, CCTV Documentary's International Media Co., Ltd., the Arab Channel of CCTV, the Film Channel of CCTV, Ningxia Radio and Television, MegaMedia, Intercontinental communication center, Fox Networks Group and representatives from Arab countries as well as local media such as CATV promoted each other's platforms, channels and projects, introduced the current situation of Sino-Arab cooperation and looked forward for the prospect for future cooperation.




This promoting conference will build a bridge for the cooperation between Chinese and Arab media. The positive response from participating agencies will further promote the in-depth cooperation between Chinese and Arab media.