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The advertising video of "The River From Heaven" (International Edition) was launched

2017-02-07 15:18



At present, part of the advertising video of the large-scale documentary of "The River From Heaven" (International Edition) was launched. This film was jointly developed and shot by China International Television Corporation and Austrian National Television Station, Pre TV and other production companies. With Yarlung Zangbo River as the main line, this documentary had an in-depth study on the natural landscape and animal and plant distribution of countries along this river. The species involved in this documentary are numerous rare species of the world, including not only  the Tibetan antelope, Tibetan yak, gazelle and Tibetan wild donkey and other plateau endemic species which were exclusive for China's Tibet region, but also India and Bangladesh-specific crocodiles, rhinoceros and other species. This documentary has had an all-round exploring of the natural landscape and the mystery of biological species of this river, showing a beautiful and authentic Yarlung Zangbo River for the world.