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Participating in TV festival in Japan and our programs were quite popular

2017-02-07 15:15

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From October 23 to 28 in 2016, China International Television Corporation / China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center sent a delegation to participate in the TIFFCOM Television Festival held by Japan and achieved a series of marketing results.
        During this period, we met more than 30 customers from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, focusing on the introduction of the TV series of "Sea Mu Yun" "Union of Military Counselors" "Princess of Lanling King", "The Qin Empire
", "For The Holy Guiguzi", "Stay with Me" and "That Youth We just Right", the documentary of "The River From Heaven" (Nature Edition), "Confucius", "Imperial Tombs" and "Shaolin Kung Fu", as well as the animation of "Panda and Little Mole" as well as the animated film of "Zebra Finch-Becoming Successful in Overnight" and won market recognition and customer's positive feed-backs. Among them, "Sea Mu Yun" and "Union of Military Counselors", two heavyweight and bench-marking works of our company, not only attracted attentions form a large number of overseas customers, but also greatly promoted the sales of numerous Chinese television programs, strengthening our company's leading position in overseas market. "Sea Mu Yun" was sold at the price which is three times higher than the market price in Malaysia and its price in Japan, Singapore, Thailand and other regions also exceeded to a record high.