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Participating in the Cannes Television Festival held in fall and expanding overseas markets

2017-02-07 14:59

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        From October 16 to 22, China International Television Corporation / China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center participated in the 32nd the Cannes Television Festival held in fall and further explored overseas market. First, we actively promoted programs with Chinese characteristics, such as the documentary of "The Belt and Road" and "Shaolin Kung Fu", the TV series of "Chinese-style Relationship" and "The Rise of Qin Empire", and won attention from overseas customers. The latest documentary of "North Pole" and "The Power of Nature" gained warm responses from customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The documentary production level of China was affirmed. Second, our company has developed customer resources in Mongolia and Bangladesh, The TV series of "Destined To Love You", "Stay with Me" and others is expected to air in these two countries during this year. Third, our company has reached an agreement with the SPB TV of Russia on broadcasting programs dubbed in Russian and we planned to co-host the Chinese program time slot, which would be another localized time slot in oversea countries after launching time slots in South Africa, Dubai, Czech and UK.