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The River from Heaven (International Version) Started Shooting in Tibet

2017-01-13 16:26

        The documentary The River from Heaven (International version) co-produced by CCTV, ORF and PreTV started shooting on May 17th in Lasa, Tibet. The shooting teams from China and Austria will go to Milin, Shigatse, Pulan, Zhada, Ga’er, Ritu, Gerze, Nima of Tibet which will last for over 50 days.
The River from Heaven is a large documentary project of CCTV approved in 2015, which is also part of the official agenda of the publicity of Tibet. It is a major project of the development of the international communication and of the celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the establishment of Tibet Autonomous Region. Its domestic version was broadcast at CCTV-1 since Sept. 2015, and has received heated responses from the society. In order to enhance the international influence, CCTV-10 has authorized CITVC, ORF and PreTV to shoot the international version that includes three episodes, each lasting 52 minutes. The documentary aims to depict a beautiful, natural and real Tibet by reflecting the natural environment, the wild animals and the geographical features and presenting the natural scenery of the whole basin of Brahmaputra. It is to make a documentary which is able to pose great impact in and outside China so as to realize the goal of “culture going out”.
The ORF is a national channel of Austria and the biggest TV and Radio Station of Austria. PreTV is a leading production company. Its documentaries about geography, animals and plants have been broadcast in many mainstream TV channels including Austrian national TV channels, BBC of the UK, ARTE of France, ZDF of Germany and the National Geography of the United States, which enjoys a great reputation in the field.