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The Center Participated in the Cannes MIPTV Festival and Promoted International Marketing

2017-01-13 16:19

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     China International Television Corporation (CITVC) and China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center (CHNPEC) participated in Cannes MIPTV Festival from Apr. 2nd to Apr. 8th, and achieved results in marketing. 
First, fully used the 24m advertising board at the gate to publicize 4K documentary Roof of the Road, and A Bite of China: Celebrating the Chinese New Yeareffectively promoted the sales of China’s outstanding TV programs. New documentaries Deep Down the Sea, Water Pulse, Macan and the Eagle, The Oriental Battlefield received concern from market; The Great Wall, A Bite of China are classic works that never fade; Tibet provides an opportunity for the outside world to know real Tibet; cut and edited TV series Nirvana in Fire and season-broadcast Diamond Lover attracted great interest from European clients; Chinese Hero Zhao Zilong, The Three Heroes and Five Gallants attracted Mid-Eastern clients; costume drama Long trip to the Beautiful Rivers attracted Japanese and Korean clients; animation co-produced by China and Czech Panda and Little Mole attracted many European clients to discuss about authorization of broadcasting and derivative, 
Second, negotiated with several partners on co-production and achieved several results: negotiated with Italy RAI on co-producing mini-drama The Lost Army; with Austria ORF, Pre TV on co-producing Secrets on the Silk Road, editing and releasing The Great Wall; with France Mona Lisa on co-producing Industrial Relics; with Korea Mountain TV on co-developing Kingdom Guge, Chinese High-Speed Railway, China’s Mega Projects, and Return to the Wood; with the US AETN on editing Water Pulse, and One Belt One Road, and co-producing TV series The Disappeared Flights, The Double, etc; with Dreamworks, Disney, and other animation companies on co-developing Panda series.