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First Time Participation in World Trade Exhibition for Aviation Programs

2015-11-18 14:52

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        From September 29thto October 1st, 2015, a group of representatives of China Television and Broadcasting Programs Trade Center and the Programs Agency Department of China International Television Corporation attended World Trade Exhibition for Aviation Programs in the USA. They carried out business conversation with long-time partner airlines from Hongkong and Taiwan, South Aisa, America and Europe, as well as establishing contact with many new airlines. In the same time,many Airlines such as Indian Airline Agency Contentino, Hongkong Airline Agency Encore Media and Singapore Airline, Canadian Airline, and Japanese Airline have shown great interest in our resources of TV programs. Documentaries for travelers and food lovers with distinct Chinese characteristics like “A Bite of China” and “Tea” as well Kung Fu Films like “The Legend of Bruce Lee” have received impressive response. During that time, it conducted in-depth discussion with the media department of China Airlines on the wholesaling of programs, with details to be carried out in future. In the future, both parties will conduct more extensive cooperation on areas like the packaging of entertainment programs and commercials in the planes of China Airlines.