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Attending the 51st Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union Conference

2015-04-22 09:26

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         October 21-28, 2014, the 51st Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Conference was held in Macao, China International Television Corporation, together with the subsidiary China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center, CCTV International Video Communication Co. Ltd. and China Vision, collectively exhibited in the name the China CCTV, featured a theme of “New headquarter, New Technology, new Programs”. Key introductions include the architectural characteristics of the new CCTV headquarter, the technology innovation of broadcasting and production system, extensive utilization of the new releasing platform. R&D achievement of the panorama eagle’s eye camera system with full intellectual property rights, the independently developed new form of TV programs, and the high quality documentaries, TV series, cartoons, etc. The CCTV Coupe, an interactive virtual TV studio received much attention. Many delegates came to experience it. CCTV was highly commended for its foresight and leading level in developing and introducing high techs. It is the first time that CCTV has joined the demonstration program in the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union’s event. It improved mutual understanding between China and other member countries of ABU, expanded its cooperation space with the mainstream media organizations of other countries, and contributed to the further promotion of CCTV’s international influence.