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Technical Service


China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center of China International Television Corporation (CITVC) has an integrated network-based technology system for television drama production, broadcasting and storage. There are seven equipment rooms respectively for copying, production and conversion, DVD production, digital special effects production, self-editing, non-linear editing and digital program library. Technology Production Department is responsible for editing, producing, batch production and technical checking.

In recent years, centering on building digital program library system, non-linear editing networks have been set up one after another. With networking transformation for the traditional equipment rooms, an integrated network technology system of producing, broadcasting and storing has initially formed. In order to better meet the development of HD TV programs, a digital, network-based and high-definition technology system, including publication of blue-ray DVD, production and conversion of high-definition programs has been basically completed.

CITVC also boasts a professional team consisting of program editors, production staff and technical staff. A large number of program master tapes and film clips are edited and produced every year. On an annual basis, CITVC not only provides over 30,000 broadcasting tapes for various types of television broadcasting media in the world, but also produces more than 2,000 BLU-RAY DISCs, DVDs and VCDs. We would like to provide superior programming services to serve the company and other media companies with specialized equipment and personnel.


Business Category


Digital Program Library


Our Digital Program Library has the function of program collecting, cataloging, online and near-line storaging. Program resources can be shared among the internal production system, which can provide high and low bit-rate program files for digital television media at home and abroad. Up to now, digital contents have added up to nearly 20,000 hours.



Li Meng     8610 5186 2941


EEP On-spot Shooting and Producing


CITVC has Sony 4-Channel HD EEP System, making it possible to rebroadcast and produce the program in HD on the spot.




The non-linear editing network system has adopted APPLE’s Xsan network storage architecture. With Finalcutpro, Motion, Color and other production software, high-definition programs’ post-editing, production, packaging and synthesis can be achieved. In terms of audio production, PROTOOLS professional audio production system has been adopted to do voice down mixing and sound effect production.



Zheng Yi     8610 6395 7141


Editing and Copying


In equipment rooms for copying and conversion, the places where batch production of finished program products is available, all types of program video tapes in large quantities can be copied, produced and converted. These rooms have made use of digital systems and been equipped with many cutting edge Alchemist Ph. C and Alchemist Ph. C-HD standard converters to ensure technical quality of products, allowing the users to convert programs between SD and HD and many other different file formats at the same time. DVD publication & production room has collecting and compiling functions for programs on DVD, so that DVD and BLU-RAY DISC production with 5.1 soundtracks, multi-track audio and multi-track subtitles can be carried out.



Luo Wei      8610-6850 7112