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International Business

China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center
of China International Television Corporation (CITVC) is the Sole Agent for CCTV program copyrights. At present, international marketing networks of CITVC have been widespread in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Africa and other parts of the world; program marketing covers more than 100 countries and regions. At the same time, CITVC has also undertaken a large number of overseas promotion tasks for other Chinese agencies to make their excellent film and television programs Go-Global.


Business Category


Television Program Distribution

Television Program Distribution Business aims at global promotion and distribution for CCTV-copyrighted television programs (including TV dramas series, documentaries, columns and cartoons) and self-produced programs. At the same time, with its worldwide marketing networks, this business division serves as overseas distribution of excellent television programs for many other film and television companies, including international distribution of some overseas TV programs. Those programs released in recent years include TV dramas series like Cell Phone, King of Silk, Starlit, Legend of Bruce Lee, Brothers’ Happiness, My Airhostess Roommate,
Schemes of A Beauty, Expressway of First Empire, Ode to Gale Holy Pearl Pretty Maid, Biography of Sun Tsu documentaries like Design For Expo 2010 Shanghai, Wall Street; and cartoons like Romance of Three Kingdoms and so on.



Li Mengxi

8610 6395 0445

(HongKong, Macao, Brunei, Europe, Africa, Russia, Malaysia, the Middle East)

Cai Danxiang

8610 6395 7154

(Chinese Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, World Routes, footage)

Wang Xin

8610 6395 0436

(Japan, South Korea, North America, Latin America, the Philippines, Thailand)


International Co-operation

International Co-operation Business aims at maintaining close cooperation with world-class media, adapting and producing programs to satisfy local audience tastes in accordance with the characteristics of different markets. In recent years, we have joined hands with National Geographic Channel (the United States), ZDF (Germany), Discovery (Canada), ICTV (France), Venevision (Venezuela) and other world-renowned media and adapted a series of documentaries with significant international influence, such as The Forbidden City, Zheng He’s Vogages to the Western Seas, Rise of Golden Dragon, The Origin of Three Rivers, Rediscovering the Yangtze River, etc. We have established long-term strategic partnerships with BBC’s Motion Gallery to release CCTV’s footages on the official website of BBC for the purpose of worldwide distribution.


Zhang Lin, Director of Int’l Sales Dept:  8610 63957151

Wang Xin, Deputy Director of Int’l Sales Dept:  8610 6395 0436