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No bird can fly too high or too far with its own wings only.

When autumn comes and wild geese fly southwards to avoid winter chill, they always fly in a special formation. As indicated by scientific research, the wild geese may have increased lifting force resulted from the wind stirred by one another flying in such a pattern. When each wild goose flies high in the air, it provides a “lifting wind” for mates behind, adding to the flying capacity of the whole flock of wild geese by at least 71% from that when they fly alone.

Similarly, people sharing a common goal and sense of collectivity can arrive where they head for faster and more easily, because they are just like the wild geese, flying forward with the momentum and assisting force they provide to one another.

If a wild goose falls behind, it feels hard and sluggish to fly alone, so it will do the best it can to get back into the formation, to continue to fly on the floating force caused by the wild goose in front of it.

If we can just feel like the wild geese do, we will remain in the formation, staying together with those people who follow the same path, share a common destination and lead the way in front of us.

If we have the spirit of the wild geese, we will support each other as they do. In this world, the might of individuals is feeble, and individuals are unable to solve all the problems at work and life. No one can do without others’ help, and this is exactly how the wild geese feel.

What is manifested by the wild geese in their march is not only stamina but also fortitude, not only individual strength, but also collective wisdom. As the most powerful and largest entity specializing in distributing and marketing radio, film and TV programs, China Radio, Film & TelevisionProgramsExchangingCenter /TV Program Marketing Department of China International Television Corporation is an excellent team that has a common goal and collaborates with one another, just like a flock of wild geese. It is by this specialized team rich in fighting power and innovation spirit that we manage to implement our marketing philosophy of centering on the clients, and to stay triumphant in domestic and foreign markets, keep surpassing ourselves and to create miracles over and again.

We would like to fly with all our colleagues in pursuit of our common goal!