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GM Speech

Culture is the soul of a country or nation. The prosperity and strength of the culture of any given country or nation are indicators of its overall prosperity and strength. As stated by Chinese President Xi Jinping in his report to the 19th CPC National Congress, “Without full confidence in our culture, without a rich and prosperous culture, the Chinese nation will not be able to rejuvenate itself.”

The China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, as an integral part of China Media Group, is China’s largest professional entity for the marketing of film and television programs, and the general agent for the global marketing of China Central Television’s copyrighted programs. Over the years, we have conscientiously implemented the plans of the party and the state, actively created high-quality film and television products, worked hard to expand international and domestic markets, vigorously facilitated the exchange, trade and international promotion of film and television culture, highlighted the themes of the times, spread positive energy and made considerable achievements in copyright marketing, international co-production, program originality, derivatives development, multilingual translation & dubbing and overseas local timeslot and channel construction. We have also successfully created public platforms including the China International Film and Television Program Exhibition, the Belt and Road Media Community and the Film and TV Import & Export Association, in addition to our unremitting efforts to enhance the cultural soft power of China.
Facing new opportunities in the new era and the new challenges brought about by a media revolution, we will bear in mind our mission and responsibilities, strengthen innovation and excellence, carry out reforms with a keen determination, tell China’s stories, spread China’s voice and consequently make greater contributions to building a country with a strong socialist culture and realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. Meanwhile, we will continue to carry out extensive cooperation with media colleagues both at home and abroad, actively expand our circle of friends, broaden the road of win-win development, build a bridge of friendship and work to spread excellent culture and build a community of shared future for mankind!