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The King of Silk (HD)

  • Type: Drama
  • Time: 50 episodes ×46 minutes
  • Set: 50 episodes
  • Writers: Zhou Zhifang
  • Director: Huang Jianzhong
  • Actor: Jia Yiping , Ma Yili , Zhang Guangbei , Zhou Yang

King of Silk is set in the background of the unique pongee silk weaving in Nanyang, Henan province. It tells a story of how does a small pongee silk workshop “Shang Jili” grows into a giant business in the first half of the 20th century. This is an intriguing legend of business competition. With two story lines featuring moral conflict and business competition, the story is nicely woven together with dramas and mysteries. Those reasonable and wise plots will strike you out of expectation. The major story line of this show is the business competition between the leading character Shang Dazhi and the silk merchant Chu Taozhu who dominates the Nanyang silk market. This major story line is supplemented by another story line, namely the conflict of two business philosophies; one upholds humanity while the other believes in scheming. By portraying Shang Dazhi as a merchant of integrity and credibility, and a man full of social responsibility and sense of mission, this show reveals the relations between morality and intelligence in commercial activities, and it also depicts a holistic picture of the business culture in the Central Plains in modern times. Besides its legendary story, this show also focuses on friendship, romance, family bonds and humanity. This is a big-budget show with a positive theme.